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I am not a burden.

There is no longer space in my body for the story that I am a burden.

I trust myself to discern not only what is right for me, but how much of myself I give to others.

Not out of fear - of being scared to drain out - but out of love. Because I am worthy of freely being myself, without the need for permission or validation from others.

That validation can be a sweet bonus, but I no longer depend on it.

I fill up my cup for me out of love for myself.

Not so as to prepare for it to be drained out.

I do not need to drain myself in order to be there for others.

I want to be there for others because I love giving love to others.

I am not at the whim of outside forces or energies.

I hold space for myself as a regular practice because I love myself, not because I am “afraid” or hiding.

I just am learning to love myself more. What this means now is different than before, because I’ve progressed.

There are always infinite blessings that I have access to. In committing myself to me, I open the gateways to upgrading my relationship with my spirit, integrating and loving myself more, which allows me to match the frequency needed to see, feel, and receive these blessings.

I’m a magical ass b*tch. I don’t need permission to share me with the world.

I am not a burden. I am a gift.

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