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3 easy mindfulness hacks to jumpstart your week!

Some easy practices I do to remain focused, inspired, and relaxed throughout my week :)

1. Before you get up, take a moment to BREATHE.

Often we're woken up by our alarms and immediately take that as an invitation to check social media, our emails, our texts...

This week I invite you to stop for a second. Lay back down in bed. BREATHE. It's so easy to let our minds go right to the to-do list, right to "stress mode", or to wake up already dreading the day. This practice is challenging, but try to take 1-3 deep breaths in the quiet moments you have in the morning. I don't mean after you brush your teeth - I mean, BEFORE anything else happens. It will make SUCH a difference in your day to affirm that you are alive, you are safe, and you are so supported, BEFORE the to-do list hits.


2. Future Self Journaling!

If you're looking to manifest a vision, try this easy hack. Pretend it's Friday morning and you've just woken up from the most amazing week.

Take 5 minutes to journal this out at the beginning of your week. How did you feel moving through this week? What was accomplished?

Speak into existence the things you want as if they've already arrived :)


3. Share your growth moments!

Something I practice with my friends is sharing growth moments. What this means is sharing for the sake of being heard by people around us who we love and trust.

For instance, last week I designed the cover for my next ebook coming out in a few weeks. My friends had no idea I was even working on another book, but I sent them the screenshot just for fun, and what I received was nothing but loving and supportive words.

If you set a boundary this week and it was really scary, celebrate that win by telling your friends! If you've come up with a great idea, share it! This is especially useful for those of us who are big "givers". Do yourself a favor and let yourself be received. It feels so good and normalizing this with your friend group is honestly the cutest thing ever.

Have a beautiful week and keep going,


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