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Big Leap Energy !!

Life stuff often isn’t taught about in school. We’re sort of led down roads that we assume everyone will take.

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But for some of us…We have loads of passion or inspiration to do something that fulfills us...

We have a dream of starting a business…

We want to live as an artist…

We come to a crossroads where we know a big move must happen for us to feel fulfilled, happy, and excited about life.

I have leaped into worlds of uncertainty now four times in my life.

One big move, one huge career change, and one, where I left my job, relationship, and my home at the same time. The fourth - I've just now realized - is when I moved to Mexico City yesterday. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve asked myself if I’m just addicted to making my life crazier.

Whether you are feeling called to a Big Leap, you’ve already leaped, or you’re dealing with the after-effects…I hope these words leave you feeling more rooted in who you are, motivate you to keep going and give you support in the places you need it.


Why is big leaping so HARD?

Recognize our culture is not set up with an understanding of different ways of living. Because of this, our society legitimately makes it incredibly hard to survive if we decide to choose an "unconventional path".

Basically, the world is not set up for people like us to succeed.

It’s like swimming up current.

Big leaping into your dreams is the moment you say you’re committed to showing up to the challenge.

You're ready to paddle upstream. You're willing to stop at nothing.

Photo by @joxography

I know what it feels like to leap head first into complete uncertainty, the fear and courage that comes with that, the mixed emotions, the excitement, the possibility, the second guessing, the feeling of “What if I’m crazy?”, and the resilience it takes to continue moving forward towards our visions when obstacles come up (and they will).

From anxiety around resources…

To judgment or criticism from others (particularly our family & friends)…

And all the game our minds play on us telling us to quit….

You have to be willing to run headfirst into yourself and look silly in the process. It’s going to feel and probably look weird and confusing to people you know who haven’t chosen the same path. You'll have to get used to this (I promise it gets easier to deal with).


Big Leap Life Hack: Experiment Constantly

A couple months ago I looked back at my old Youtube content. At first, it felt completely cringey, and then I saw a so much bright passion in the eyes of my old self. That girl literally experimented with every platform, while searching for jobs that felt meaningful (enough) to pay the rent, while dealing with all of the mental games her mind played on her, telling her she wasn’t good enough or worthy of it.

She spent years determining what success was for her.

She went one direction with her creations, then another, then another.

She said yes to teaching opportunities and partnerships whenever she could.

The single most important thing to her was just to impact one person positively.

The rest didn’t matter. She just kept trying.

Overtime, things got clearer for her in terms of direction, but truly, I would not be here today without the many trials and errors, constant creative experimentation, experiences teaching in many different, diverse environments, to be where I am right now in my business.

Photo by @joxography


The Hard Truth - It is entirely up to you.

...I’m still experimenting, fine-tuning, and finding balance.

There isn’t a certification or a program that teaches you how to big leap properly. You can’t pay someone to do it for you.

It’s up to you to experiment. Make shitty content that will make you cringe later.

It’s up to you to know yourself. Read books. Go for walks.

Always keep an eye out for opportunities.

Lead with curiosity.

Call in your support.

You are doing something that inspires others.

Big leaping is one of the most courageous things you can do for yourself. It is an area of expertise for me, not because I studied or purchased any type of certification in relation to it, but because I’ve lived it (now four times). The richness and beauty I see in life because of these life-altering leaps has made it worth it every time.

Photo by @joxography


Take these words home with you... If you’re a big leaper, I accept and support you in that choice. I know it’s terrifying.

If you’re considering a big leap, I applaud you for that courageous consideration. Trust you’ll know when it’s time.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, you know your path.

Experimentation is the avenue to expertise.

Your versatility is a contributing factor to your authenticity. Someone will see you. Keep going. Align that intention, and I promise you over time, things will start coming together in ways you could never have imagined. Let this fuel your fire. You can do it. And if you need me...I'll be here. Sending love from Mexico City, Kelsey

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