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 Self-Care Challenge

May 7th - May 27th

Accountability Support Group

Upgrade your self-care habits and mindset this spring!

Making time for ourselves is so hard!!

SO many of us busy creatives, entrepreneurs, and free spirits STRUGGLE with things like discipline, focus, and staying consistent as we continue to grow, evolve, and work towards our goals (or just general contentment with life).

We KNOW self-care is an essential piece of the puzzle...but rarely do we keep up with our daily habits and maintain a confident mindset because we either get swept up in the busy-ness of life and/or we're BORED of our current routines. 

It seems that nothing we do is the perfect formula...and this is because it is so DIFFICULT to do it alone! 

But rarely do any of us have the time to commit to a long, grueling, and strict "challenge" with live calls - so I've decided to make it EASY for you to both GAIN self-accountability with your self-care while also progressing towards the things you're working for in your life without an over-the-top financial or time commitment. 

With the 20-Day Self-Care Challenge, we check in DAILY to ensure that you are doing at least one self-care practice per day!

May 7th - May 27th

  • 20 days of daily self-care accountability in our Community WhatsApp group! 

  • Support and access to a community of like-minded and creative people

  • Receive guided meditations, productivity tips, and writing prompts throughout!

  • Try new self-care practices!
  • 30-Minute Intro, Middle, and Closing Calls 

  • Space to share, reflect, and support each other on our self-care journeys!


Investment: $44 USD or 750 MXN

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The Result:

  • Prioritize YOURSELF by making TIME for you!

  • Develop, upgrade, and refine your self-care habits!

  • Accomplish at least ONE personal goal by the end of the month!

  • Rejuvenate your discipline and focus

  • Create more conscious digital habits!

  • Meet awesome people!

  • Increase your productivity and confidence naturally

The Philosophy

Inspiration is KEY to your progress.

Participate as MUCH or AS LITTLE as you want! We don't believe in "scaring" you to get you to show up because ​it doesn't work!

The challenge is straightforward: Every day take 30 seconds out of your day to pop in our chat. Respond to other people if you want to, share reflections that arise for you, or DON'T.

This space encourages YOU to make the best choices for yourself and your schedule, but will provide you with accountability REGARDLESS!

GET OFF social media and tune in here instead.

One of the "side goals" of this group container is to have us meet in a place that is NOT Instagram or TikTok.​

The Community Accountability Thread will be operating through WhatsApp!

So you don't need lots of technology or time to be a part of this challenge! You can mute our group and pop in when it feels right! 

Self-Care takes MANY different forms.

Self-care is NOT only wellness-industry practices that beauty companies and yoga teachers market to us. ​

In this challenge, we prioritize PLAY and PRACTICALITY so that you find innovative ways to connect with yourself, level up your self-care, and work on your mental health without someone telling you that "you're doing it wrong" or need to spend a lot of money to care for yourself!

*You'll also receive some NEW, creative routines to try if you feel like you're out of ideas!

Client Wins

Carnalita (148).JPEG
“I am such an overachiever, but Kelsey helped me create TIME for myself through actually doing LESS (but with intention) which has helped me focus more on what's really important to me and my career goals"

Bella - Creative + University HR Admin

“I've worked with Kelsey 3 times and each time, I find more life-changing life hacks! Kelsey has taught me that life is about SMALL wins and STEADY progress, and the tools she gives are invaluable for creating life long ways to stay organized, motivated, and connected to myself”

Sergio - Comedian + Creative

By working with Kelsey, I've learned how to organize my life in a simple way - which has helped me tremendously to stop procrastinating and manage everything with a lot less stress.

Mary - Entrepreneur, Mother, and Photographer

If you're ready to rejuvenate your self-care practices this spring, this is for you!


"Kelsey has such a way of helping us find BALANCE through really practical tools and methods. My biggest takeaway from this course was putting into practice more self-compassion, finding easier ways to manage stress, and trusting myself more."

Mary - Interior Designer, Artist

“This course went SO much deeper for me than I expected. It's taught me to let go of my perfectionism, embrace my process, and SHOW UP (even if it's not perfect).  Thank you!”

Brittany, Model, Mother, and Entrepreneur


20-Day Self-Care Challenge

$44 USD / 750 MXN

Value: $147

If you're thinking...

I don't feel like I have time for this!

The fact that you ARE so busy is a sign that you probably NEED a bit more structure to help you manage your life!

For less than one minute per day, you're gaining lifetime skills for managing your time, creating time for yourself, and developing life long skills to help you reach your goals!

What if I need more accountability?

One-on-one accountability packages ARE available with personalized live coaching calls at an EXTREMELY low price!

Inquire with me privately via Instagram DM or email to hear details!

Meet Kelsey

I’m a nomadic entrepreneur and writer who flip-flops from city to city, connecting with creatives and running my full-time coaching business.

Through mindset and life coaching, I teach creatives how to hone their OWN version of life balance by implementing practical systems and developing a clear plan for reaching their personal and professional goals.

I'm here to help you get CLEAR on your goals, confidently take the lead of your life, and EXECUTE a game plan that focuses on your well-being without sacrificing freedom and productivity.


You're likely here because you're ready for answers that incorporate you not changing who you are, but being who you are (with smarter systems) as you walk your path to success, fulfillment, and life balance.

I've consulted with multi-million dollar companies to educate them on the power of mindfulness and collaboration in the workplace, spoken and led mindfulness, mindset, and marketing classes throughout North America, and have held numerous online coaching containers to support my own research around how success is largely interwoven with the state of our overall well-being as creatives, dreamers, and impact makers.

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