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Personalized support for lasting sustainability in your creative business!

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1:1 Coaching Containers

  • 4, 6, or 12-month container

  • 2, 60-minute Zoom sessions per month 

  • Personalized recap sent 24 hours after sessions

  • 24/7 Voxer access - share your wins and challenges; receive accountability and feedback!

  • Resource library

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Are you truly satisfied...

1. With the level of clarity you have around your long-term business plan?

2. Your confidence levels in relation to your specific path?

3. Working SO hard only to not see results reciprocated and feeling burnout, lacking support and accountability?

It's never going to feel "perfect", but there are things you can do to make your business journey less hard.

I've been there...

I come from a middle-class family and after graduating from a fancy private college I couldn't afford, I was on a fashion/marketing career path that felt completely lifeless. I decided to start my business as a writer, but I really struggled with understanding how to start a business.

I was living in a cut-throat with real bills to pay, confused about how to set proper goals, and execute an action plan confidently. 

At first, I made lots of mistakes, I focussed too much on areas that I thought would get me farther FASTER but instead slowed me down, burnt me out, confused me, and my results were super inconsistent as a reflection of that for years.

I decided I didn't want to sacrifice my authenticity because of how I thought I “should” show up in the world of entrepreneurs...

Many business/mindset coaches were either:


  • Too hustle oriented, neglecting the need for rest, spaciousness, and well-being

  • OR too "woo-woo", not providing me the grounded tools I needed to sustain my business financially

Instead, by developing strong disciplinary skills,  prioritizing long-term gains, creating systems for time efficiency, refining my mission/values, and building rest and mindfulness into my workflow...

I developed a method of practical & efficient systems to help creative entrepreneurs work smarter, claim their authenticity, and make sure their mental and physical well-being is at the center of their businesses through mindset and strategy work.

Learn more about my journey here

"Kelsey has been a huge support in helping me break down exactly what my goals are and what direction to take action on first when building my business. I went from making no income through my creative projects to consistent gigs in my zone of genius in 4 months!

She helped me discover how I can truly build a business by integrating who I am in the process, and executing with more ease and confidence, without excessive burnout or exhaustion."


Creative Business Owner

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You are the most essential component of your foundation.

How it works...



  • Clarify your goals, values, mission, & vision

  • Realistic, long-term business planning

  • Consistent, honest self-inquiry



  • Confidence in your leadership authority

  • Daily/weekly workflow structure

  • Self-acceptance + healthy boundaries



  • Working smarter 

  • Higher productivity; saved resources

  • Faster results with less effort!

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Your Investment

4 MONTHS: $557 per month (pay-in-full save $200!)

6 MONTHS: $497 per month (pay-in-full save $300!)

12 MONTHS: $457 per month (pay-in-full save $550!)

  • ​Two, 60-minute Zoom sessions per month (you choose when!)

  • Personalized recap after sessions with follow-up accountability

  • 24/7 Voxer access for in-between session support

  • Personalized resource library 

Take it from them...

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"Kelsey supported me through a major career transition process, providing the scaffolding for me to navigate inner vision work while simultaneously helping me to develop practical action steps. Deeply dedicated to the power of mindset to help navigate the challenges unique to creative entrepreneurs, Kelsey teaches through presence. 

She is a shining example of someone who has created her path by walking it with authenticity and courage." 

-Dr. Gwenyth Jackaway, PHD

Digital Wellness Entrepreneur/Speaker

"Kelsey is a powerful leader, coach, and visionary. She helps her clients captivate and magnetize results through raw honesty, providing them space to be vulnerable, authentic, and courageous about walking their unique path.

She reminds us that she is walking this path of life alongside us, and will fiercely support us in attaining our goals, and dreams, and actualizing our visions through a balance of practicality and inner harmony."

- Sharisse Francisco

Singer, Performer, Self-Love Healer

This is for you if...


You're confused about your long-term business plan, mission, values.


  • Lack of focus 

  • Overwhelm and stress

  • Holding too many things at once

  • Vicious cycles of burnout

  • No work/life balance

  • Unsure how to niche and find your perfect market

  • Unrefined plan


You're lacking the confidence to show up as a leader and a business owner who is responsible, easeful, and in control.


  • Caring too much about what others think of you

  • Feeling not "ready" or unworthy of success

  • Trying to build your biz like everyone else in your industry

  • Blaming your audience or outside factors for inconsistent results


Your sales results are inconsistent and unsustainable long-term.


  • Unsteady/unpredictable income

  • Procrastination/lack of motivation

  • Wasted time on unnecessary tasks

  • Progress comes in waves or you feel like you get "lucky"

  • No efficient structure to reach your goals

You're ready for...


Around EXACTLY what's happening in your business & WHY. You have a plan that's suitable for you, a workflow that rocks your world, and plenty of space to dream bigger as the years go on because your building in alignment with who you are, what you love, and what's realistic.



As a leader in your creative industry, who feels energized, excited, and confident AF in your unique path, how you walk it, and WHY! You're boundaried, healthy, and unstoppable.


Smart planning + the right mindset = EASY money, less effort, a healthy mind, clients that ADORE you, a BUSINESS that lights you UP, and tools to last you through the years!

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Sample themes:

  • Weekly & daily schedule structure

  • Smart goal setting + productivity hacks

  • Business planning that incorporates your wholeness

  • Creative and practical mindfulness routines

  • Clarity around mission/vision/values

  • Business protection

  • Community building / Social media strategy

  • Imposter syndrome/ Staying in your lane

  • Personal accountability 

  • Boundaries for yourself/clients/collaborators

  • How to rest & still reach your goals

  • Workflow strategies that honor your well-being

  • Tools for dealing with "failures", success, and hard mental moments in between!

  • Refining business structure / Product suite cleanup

  • Launch strategies for new products/services

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What if I don't have a business?

I work with clients who have a variety of creative interests, even if they don't have the desire to start a business. So long as you have GOALS and you feel you're experiencing one or more of THESE THINGS, let's explore how we can support you. 

My specialty is helping creatives walk their unique path, be it a business, or simply creating a more fulfilling lifestyle that feels stable, confident, and allows them to do what they love, I'm here for it!

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