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Come to terms with what you're capable of...

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Why Coaching

Coaching, unlike therapy (which focuses on the past), is all about focussing on the present and giving us tools that help us move forward to a desirable future. It's unbiased support, given from someone who has a shared experience, yet an outside perspective and the proper training to guide you to a new story that only you have the power to write. 

Life changes don't have to be so scary, they can actually be beautiful gifts that, with the right commitment and openness, we can actually THRIVE in.

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Imagine going from THIS...


You're always wondering if you made the right choice, and/or you wonder if things would be different had you made a different decision in life. You're done waiting for the next shoe to drop because you know there's an easier way.


You're burnt out and overwhelmed by life. Self-care seems so far off, but you know it's needed. You just haven't figured out the formula that works for you yet because the overwhelm catches you before you catch your breath.


You have the story that the life you envision for yourself is unachievable, and you're sick of wasting time trying to fit into a box someone else created for you. 


You might not even know what you want or why, but you know you need to make a change in your life. You want meaning. You want fulfillment. You just don't know how to get there.

to this...


You find that trusting yourself leads to the best possible outcome for you and those around you. In trusting your own decisions, your values are clearer, your priorities are clearer, and your path is clearer.  You know what can be "put on the shelf" and what action needs to be taken. 


You understand how to work with your circumstances, instead of battling them. You know when to give yourself breaks, and how to stay productive without burn out. You know life can be easy and you use your time and energy in a way that benefits YOU and your future Self the most.


You are motivated and focussed on your goals - knowing that your process is unique to you. You stay in your own lane, knowing that what other's think won't stop you. You know the way. You know what works for you. Nothing can stop you.


You begin to see how asking yourself the larger questions, getting clear on your priorities, your needs, and coming up with an action plan for your life are naturally guiding you to more life balance, healthier relationships, joy, and inspired living.

L, Musician

Kelsey has developed systems, techniques, and strategies that are intellectual and different from what others are teaching. Her intentional, creative approach is really cool and needed. Kelsey really impacted me in our session and showed me the value of being different!

A, Senior Media Strategist

Thank you for always putting things I intuitively know into words. You always remind me of what my body and soul already know.

J, Creative Artist

Kelsey has been helping me through my process in the most natural and unique way, which makes her such an incredible professional in her industry. The impact of her words has helped me make better decisions, look at all possible scenarios, and not feel overwhelmed.

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Coaching made specifically for creatives...

Relatable, down-to-earth conversation with realistic solutions

Life is HARD and there are responsibilities we have to show up for. Imagine finding a perfect dance between your spiritual development and real-world action. 

You are in control

You decide what we work on, how deep we go, and how many sessions you feel would be most supportive to you (2 or 4-month programs)

You can actually have it all. 

What if I told you your only job is to live your best life? With the right plan in place and the right perspective, you can get eons farther. Coaching gives us this accountability to help us stay motivated.


A letter from Kelsey...

"Time is only wasted when we don’t take risks.


The number one worry I hear from *most* people is…I’m scared I’m going to waste my life doing X, Y, or Z…


This is often why they come to me - because they decided to change plans.


They decide to take (or are taking) a big leap and need support in that courageous choice.


Time is our most valuable resource. But let me tell you what I tell all of my clients….


Time is never wasted unless you stay exactly where you are. Unhappy. Unfulfilled. Going through the motions of life as if everything has power over you. Spoiler alert: it doesn't.


The choice of saying “no, this no longer works for me” is the moment you choose you.


That choice alone is you choosing a life of time spent well.


And there is no time wasted when you decide to take a risk because everything you do after that decision has meaning.


You’re moving forward.

You’re getting curious.

You’re raising your standards.


You’re well on your way. No risk is a waste if your happiness is at stake.


Keep going."



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