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The game

For those of us who enjoy doing self-inquiry work, it can almost become like a game we strive to win.

We get SO excited to keep working on ourselves because suddenly we can see where all our trauma and conditioning holds us back. It’s like a puzzle…and as soon as we “solve” this puzzle suddenly we think everything will be perfect.

We begin to think that once we heal X, Y, and Z, things will just be rainbows and butterflies forever.

But no - Personal growth work never stops. You don’t just get to a point and suddenly BOOM. That’s it. You’re healed.

We are human. We are meant to feel the spectrum of human experiences.

Sometimes, this means taking a break from doing that deep personal growth work (y’all know what I’m talking about). When we become overly attached to our own healing, we can shame ourselves for “not being healed yet”. Which eventually translates to…”I’m not healed yet, and therefore, I’m not enough”.

Let’s reframe this narrative.

Your process is beautiful.

You’re allowed to take a pause.

And YES, you are enough.

Layer by layer is enough. We can’t heal everything in one day.

Becoming our own best friend is a life long journey.

Healing is a life long journey.

Ground. Anchor. Keep going. Love yourself through your process.

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