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How are you meeting Resistance?

Are you inviting her in for coffee or slamming the door in her face?

You know, she never truly goes away.

The best way to entertain Resistance is to ask her questions over a hot beverage she likes.

Ask her what she’s come for?

Comfort her in simple delights.

She’s not here to interrogate you, or to make you feel less than worthy.

She’s here to guide you through showing you old versions of yourself

That you bury.

You get to choose, who stays, and who goes.

You get to choose, what versions need some love, and what versions need to die.

Resistance invites healing where we turn a blind eye.

She shows up to tell you to look up at the sky.

See the possibilities — stretch you a little farther.

Maybe offer her a hydrating glass of water.

When the questions are asked and she’s given this attention, you’ll find a true gift in her presence.

She’ll fade away and what will remain

Is a lesson

In the palm of your hands.

Resistance is a blessing.

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