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Inspired Action

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

How taking accountability for your energy benefits you and your world

As we find our external world in a highly chaotic state - one rich in violence, discrimination, separation, disrespect, and hatred, the internal microcosms that we inhabit reflect that energy.

Though I believe, truly, that this is all of this is happening for a very Divine reason, I still must face the world in front of me and carry on my path with hope - doing my part to live in integrity with my personal code of conduct both internally and externally.

My heart tells me to keep going, to keep building this business, and to continue working my butt off in the "Matrix" to allow me the freedom to do my part to help this planet.

The Matrix

First, I want to make a note about the “Matrix” (or default, 3D reality) that most of us spend our time in.

Many of us who already do our inner work spend time "hating" on the current system. I used to do this a lot. This “down with the system, up with the revolution!” angry perception of the world.

...or even the “I must save the world” type of mindset that ignores the problems altogether, spreading only “love and light” and totally resisting reality.

I believe in an approach that meets in the middle. One that honors everyones path and spreads love and light, while also embracing the shadows.

This path requires personal accountability of how my actions directly influence the universal energy that connects all people, life, and things on this planet.

One of my favorite teachers called this out in a recent workshop:

"Healers, dreamers, artists, medicine weavers - I love you. Thank you. However, I hope you find it in your hearts to understand that in pushing negativity towards the current state of the world, bashing on those who fit into the mainstream - or, on the contrary, ignoring the current state of the world altogether, we do not help anyone or anything."

- Charis Melina Brown

In pouring heaviness into the ether, trying to control the way things are, and disrupting them violently hurts more than helps. We must find a way to show up with our spirits strong, our minds clear, and our hearts full. We must do our part - in whichever form authentically calls us - in order to heal this world.

We must not embody a God complex that expresses hate towards those working a 9-5 job, but instead allow people to walk their path the way they want. Not everyone with an office job is completely ignorant. The way someone else lives their life is not our responsibility - and their work shows up differently than ours.

Inspired Action

We cannot heal this world alone. I believe we must heal ourselves, internally, and lead by example through inspired action.

What does inspired action look like?

One way to get started is to use affirmations.

Affirmations are a powerful language communicator, as words carry energy. I love creating them based on the energy I feel from the words. In other words, as long as it makes sense to me and feels right, then I'm doing it right.

Every day over the past two weeks I have read all my affirmations morning and night, even when my eyes are half closed in the morning.

I’ve found ways to incorporate them into my daily devotional practice easily.

In doing this, I quickly noticed positive changes in my life. For me, it wasn’t material, external shifts right away, but the internal shifts I created began to make their way to the material world - and fast.

For example, one of my affirmations was:

"I rest to allow creative inspiration to come through".

Last week I had an extremely lazy day. I felt so guilty at first because the story I’ve told myself throughout my life is that resting is laziness, which is “bad” and makes a person unsuccessful. NOT true, but we're breaking through limiting beliefs here.

When I started to feel this guilt trickle in, I picked up my journal and read all of my affirmations. I came back to focus. I calmed down. I accepted my current state as it was.

"I honor my internal rhythms"

I spent time doing nothing, I pulled some oracle cards, I cleaned my home, and then later that evening, my partner and I went for a walk and took photos while exploring the neighborhood.

Now I sit here writing this blog post about it.

The inspiration came through because I allowed it to flow with my natural state.

The same thing happened before my most recent Barefoot & Breathing event last Friday. Nobody signed up until one day before. It was as if I had sent out an energetic call. Those who needed it heard the call and came.

"I invite in an abundant community of sisters and brothers that activates my self-growth"

6 new faces showed up that night and the feedback we received was incredible.

"I empower others to empower themselves"

All in all the event was one of my favorites so far. I met so many new people, connected deeper with the ones I already knew, and got to flow and collaborate with an extremely gifted healer whom I'd only met twice prior.

Here's the thing - the affirmations didn’t make any of this happen. I did.

With affirmations, the words become ingrained into our consciousness. They become reminders that are easily accessible, both consciously and subconsciously, like muscle memory.

Incorporating something like this into our daily lives is akin to prayer or mantra. It brings us back to center.

I even asked one of my students if she would try it with me -- just creating a few affirmations to come back to as she moves through her week. When she showed up at my class on Sunday, she told me she experienced really positive shifts in her internal life as well (a huge difference from the week before).

The reason I share this is because affirmations really work. Saying them and writing them consistently keeps us focussed and accountable for our energy.

This inspires our actions from a more mindful place.

This creates space for action that is intentional.

This is a mindfulness tool worth exploring if you are interested in creating a self-care devotional practice and/or if you haven’t found one that works for you yet.

The important thing here is to feel into whatever you want to manifest in your life and allow yourself to create energetic momentum that influences the way that you intentional move through your world.

We are all on different paths of consciousness, each Divine and unique in our own ways.

Inspired action

moves us through our world a lot easier,

helps us come back to center quicker,

and inspires others to follow our example.

Thanks for reading!

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