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How it started...

It started as an idea...

About 6 years ago I had the idea to start a blog. I had just graduated from college and negotiated a huge pay raise for my fashion sales job on the upper east side. The thing was, I would show up to work every day feeling drained.

I was working in fashion, in a creative industry that I LOVED, and yet I felt my creativity getting totally squashed.

Welcome to the real world Kels. 🙄

I remember thinking to myself…this is IT?

I spent 6 figures on an education where I worked my ass off to get a 3.8 GPA.

I GOT the "great job".

My career path was set.

My family was proud.

And I felt empty.

There was absolutely no line of sight beyond, maybe I could start a blog and just SHARE about my experience as a creative, passionate person who checked all of the boxes, and landed the dream job she wanted since she was little and felt worthless.

Writing is my lifeline and I consider myself a writer before anything else in this world.

The blog was a way to express and fill me up.

My intention was to “help” one person.

Beyond that, I had no idea the journey I was about to embark on. I wasn’t even focused on making money from my blog.

I quit that fancy job to have a self-discovery sabbatical - a post-college “gap” year if you will. It was exactly one month before my 22nd birthday.

But I REALLY struggled.


At the time, I was applying to a bunch of corporate fashion jobs, writing jobs for magazines, interior design sales jobs, I even tried to be a job recruiter, and I was in the running to be Georgina Chapman’s (Harvey Weinstein's ex-wife’s) personal assistant.

In addition, my family didn’t understand, my partner at the time resented me for it for years to come, and my friends didn’t really GET it but supported me anyway. It was brutal.

I fell flat on my face for 6 months and eventually picked up temp gigs dressing models at Rag & Bone for minimum wage.

So how did I get here, working for myself, making a full-time income, doing what I love every day?

Lots of self-commitment. Lots of mindset adjustments. Lots of planning and pin-balling between success and failure. Lots of investing before I felt “ready”.

And I was living in New York City - a place where it costs money basically to breathe.

It’s an all-in journey. You can’t really half-ass it.

I coach people to help them create the life they WANT because I know I can prevent them from wasting time making the mistakes I did.

I went from a cute idea to a full-blown, mission-led lifestyle because I decided that what I wanted was a real possibility and I knew it would eventually help other people.

You have the choice to do it to, in your own unique way.

Curious how? Sign up for my Weekly Love Letters for weekly inspiration, mindset hacks, and life stories to inspire you on your path.

Keep going,


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