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Catching burn out before it burns you

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Last weekend I did a lot of exploring around Mexico City. I went to two amazing museums - the Museo de Antropologia and Museo de Rufino Tamayo. I could write novels about how much I appreciated my experiences at both of these places - you can find my insights from these museums HERE!

There’s such a rich and vibrant culture of Mexican history in both of these spaces, and as always, I found myself hours later typing away in my new favorite French cafe, just down the street from my new space, basking in what I had learned.

The thing is though, I am a person who thrives with balancing down time with active time, and this past weekend, I did a LOT of running around. I was also solidifying several client contracts and taking content the whole time .

Yes, there’s so much freedom, but in balancing new structures to create more stability within this life of freedom, I noticed I pushed a litttttttle too hard this past week (mostly out of excitement).

Alas, on Tuesday night it occurred to me that I was already feeling burnt out, and needed to remedy the situation ASAP with some self-care.


This is the beauty (and the down-side) of transforming our lives.

Things don’t operate in a straight forward line. As we grow, as our world changes, as new opportunities and challenges find us, it’s really a sort of spiral, a non-linear path, a path that we carve for our own.

We have to listen to our bodies when it's time to slow down, get honest with those around us about our capacity, and uphold our boundaries to cater to our needs when the going gets tough.

I will say though, that this past week I started to see some very long-term visions of mine come to life - from working with an absolutely amazing new 1:1 coaching client, to taking on a new project for a business that focuses on healthy living, to getting my groove in Mexico City (and deciding to extend my time here until March 14th).

It’s always a crazy journey, so instead of going in depth about every single thing that was mind-blowing, life-altering, and beautifully resonate…I want to share my favorite insights from this week. Let me know what resonates for you!


On burn out... A red flag of burn out is noticing EXTREMES (if we’re feeling extremely tired, unusually anxious over things we normally aren’t anxious over, or too exhausted to even reach out for support)

The best way to heal from burn out is to notice these signs and STOP before it gets worse.

Put it down. Take a true break. Notice where your energy capacity is at.

On confusion...

It’s okay to feel confused in life. We don’t always need to know the answers of why we’re feeling what we’re feeling. We’re allowed to just be with it. *Confusion is also something that happens when we're burnt out.


On flow state...

Being in flow means honoring our resources like time, space, money, and energy, and getting honest with ourselves about where we're at.

If we're feeling burnt out, are we taking time to ourselves?

Are we being honest with those around us about our needs?

To remedy burn out, see what parts of you might need support. What does that support look like? Utilize your relationships wisely and ask for support if needed.

This will help you drop more into your own unique flow - and life feels MUCH easier when we operate from a place of empowerment over our experience, instead of watching our burn out eat us alive.

On growth...

If a stress-related pattern keeps appearing in your life, you’re allowed to raise your standards. Just this intention alone will help you break it.

We all have silent fans rooting for us.

We're doing much better than we give ourselves credit for.

Sometimes the things that we want most in the world take time to come to fruition. We’re always being primed for the next blessing.


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Sending love from CDMX,


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