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Being messy

It’s come to my attention recently that being messy isn’t a bad thing.

Wow. Is my Virgo showing yet?

I REALLY love being the person that has it all together. I really love being there for people.

I really love supporting others - hence why I do it for a living.

But this young entrepreneur is also constantly learning and upgrading when she’s alone.

She’s also finally looking at the debris from a super painful break up.

She’s diving into her depths and going from totally okay to totally NOT okay - cue vegan donuts and sweatpants…mind you, I’ve never purchased sweatpants until last week.

Yeah…so here’s a little reminder from me to you.


Be in your integrity. Stay true to who you are.

Nobody can take your power away from you.

It’s okay to be the friend that needs support from others once in awhile…

I love you.

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