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Belly-quaking laughter, grace at morning breakfast, walks on the beach with a peaceful heron

Moving slow enough to see rare sea stars that survived their own extinction


Really it is all about the simple things

That have the power to ground us from the outside in

Put your feet on the golden grass that smiles in the wind at sunset

Look out, far, far ahead

At the mountains of possibilities that await you

Cry to your friends about your hurt and let it be seen

There is no unacceptable way to be in the arms of true family

Sing your love songs to the water and take long naps

Eat berries and drink wine when you damn well please

Get cozied up at night and have bed time chats with your best friends

So good for the soul you don’t even want to sleep

What fills us up most in this world are knowing that those we love are always by our side

It doesn’t matter what place we’re in in our lives

There is space for all parts of us here

Sometimes we just need a little reminder from the simplest rays of sunshine

From the tallest, oldest trees

From the water, rippling like glass

To really see it.

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