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Packing Light

This is my new mantra lately…

Pack light.

I like to be prepared. Anytime I go anywhere, I have everything I need to usually last a night somewhere.

But when we prepare “too” much, whether it be physically by attaching to our “stuff” or mentally with expectations, projections, and judgements…we miss out on the amazement of possibilities that can await us at every given moment.

I said yes to a party last weekend after being deep in hermit-healing mode the last two months.

I kicked my shoes off, danced my heart out with a bunch of strangers, left my phone in the car, and let myself get dirty.

Of course, at first I felt completely naked. I haven’t been to a large gathering in over one year.

I noticed the anxiety, and remembered that I am always safe in my body. I let it all go.

It felt so good to be in such a human, raw space.

I laid on the floor during a closing sound bath, sweat drying on my face, neck, and legs. Nothing but the small amount of clothing on my body and a bunch of dirty, lovely humans laying next to me.

Home is within. We are not the attachments that are outside of us.

Pack light. And let the light return to you, in sweet, unpredictable surprises.

Much love,


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