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Museums of Mexico City - PART 1

Sometimes I feel like zooming out and seeing a bird’s eye view of the world helps us move through challenging times easier.

It’s so weird traveling, because sometimes I’m just in this vortex of my own journey. It’s easy to forget that COVID is really a thing. And yet I know when I keep up with those of you back home, how limiting, how scary, and how uncertain these times can be.

The museum of anthropology was medicine for me in this way.


Not only did I find it so enriching to learn more about Mexican culture - like that mexico was established upon a giant lake…?👀

There are so many things I learned that have helped me appreciate this land and these people even more.

What I found most interesting though, besides having epic practice time with my Español, was seeing the pre-civilization sections, focussed on evolution of the human species. 🌎

Focussed on how we built communities…

How intentionally we used our resources…

How we have relative species that didn’t make it as far as we did…

We’re actually really god damn lucky to be here. To be on this planet is such a gift, and SO many things had to go RIGHT for us to exist right now, with computers in our pockets, able to read and consume art, to create things the world can see, and to connect with each other over thin air.

Life is so wild, and truly it’s a gift. This isn’t to bypass any hardship - we’re all moving through it, at our own pace.

But it is miraculous that we are here right now. And seeing how far humans have come, how much we’ve had to collaborate with one another…

We’re still very new here. We’re still learning. We’re not perfect, but the fact that we’ve made it this far - and seeing this at the Museo de Antropología gave me so much hope.

To read more about my adventures in Mexico City, click HERE



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