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Museo de Rufino Tamayo & words on revolution

The Museo de Rufino Tamayo was a hidden gem in the middle of a beautiful park, recommended to me by a friend.

The architecture in itself was awe-inspiring, with every corner begging for a photo.

Perfection, imperfection...

Structure, within vision...


Modern art I think is so confusing to so many of us because it requires a different type of thinking to consume. Now, maybe I’m wrong…I’m not an “art” person, but something clicked for me when I toured this museum.

It’s not about the splash of color on the wall, it’s about context.


Rufino Tamayo was a Mexican contemporary art revolutionary, who’s work was inspired by keeping Mexican culture alive amidst various political and socio-economical modernizations. His work paints every day things, regular people, and historically is known for gave other artists a platform to showcase their work, spearheading new styles of art, and being a voice for Mexican artistry as his works went international.

There was a whole section of this museum dedicated to television and its relationship with art. This is what I found most interesting and relevant.

A lot of the “television art” was really bizarre and experimental. These first artists to play with this medium had to figure out SO much, which led to other artists essentially copying art and making it “better”.


This is the thing: as revolutionaries, we have to put in the grunt work.

When we’re going through big changes, working on that unique vision we have, we deal with a lot of obstacles and weird “tv art” moments.

It’s not supposed to feel perfect yet. Change always takes time to adjust.

If you’re feeling called to be a leader - whether it’s in your workplace, with your passion, or just a leader of your life, feeling empowered to make your own choices…

You are an artistic revolutionary. Where you are right now is perfectly on time. Thank you for doing the grunt work to lead others that will come after you :)

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