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Humbled by my Homeland

I am reflecting with so much gratitude on my time in Minnesota and how much I appreciate this path I’m on.

It’s so messy and uncertain and slightly intimidating to just be completely free of a home, entirely responsible for making my own income through MY own work, and completely single.

I’m free as a god damn bird.

There are drawbacks that I’ll admit I get a bit wrapped up in sometimes…both unique to nomadic life and also completely universal - clinging to the past, to expectation of the future, or judging the shit out of myself like everyone else on this planet.

But truly, I have never been so happy to be in my mid twenties living in this messy and free way. And I know that it’s 100% right for me right now. I’ve never felt so aligned in my entire life.

Being in my homeland this last month or so - in between a trip to New York to clear out the rest of my things - was so humbling.

I spent a lot of time in solitude, letting go of the past. I spent a lot of time at my favorite coffee shop, sinking back into my writing roots and clarifying new directions in my business.

I watched the leaves change as I changed.

I often would wake up with creative ideas swirling in my head - excited to pursue them and actually taking the action steps toward making them a reality.

The passion I feel for my life and the impact I’m here to make is literally my fuel and my fire.

Here, I came back to being my own muse. OOOOH it feels so good.

Last weekend, I connected with so many amazing people I hadn’t seen in 10 years, and it felt so welcoming, and so wholesome.

These are truly my roots, and I am honoring these people with so much gratitude for the roles they’ve each played in my life, big or small.

I danced my ass off at a concert seeing a badass French DJ and just about felt my heart blast open.

All is always on time. Life is about finding our way back to ourselves when we feel lost, and embracing all that we are blessed with.

And now the time has come to leave the homeland once again and head back to the sunshine, using what I’ve learned as medicine to move me forward - letting it ripple and impact as it may.

So, so much love.


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