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Easy contemplation

I’m staying in this gorgeous little guest house bungalow in West Palm Beach in a sweet and quiet neighborhood called Old Northwood. The air here is so humid and lovely. And this morning I’m blessed with a gorgeous breeze that allows me to sit in my backyard without needing a break.

I’m having coffee as my skin kisses the perfectly tempered sunshine for the first time in months. Something about this place feels like home.

I wrote in my journal this morning that I actually feel at home in lots of places now, of course there is one central one (in me), but truly, Florida is a home I have yet to get sick of.

I don’t travel with a huge plan, rather, I make a lot of my decisions off my emotions - off intuition - off feeling.

New York didn’t teach me this, I’ve cultivated it. And I’ve found through experimentation that feeling into where to go - and listening to ~ where the wind blows me ~ usually ends up being quite favorable.

My body is recovering from a cold, due to my uncontainable celebrations of halloween last weekend. It’s not too bad, and being “sick” always reminds me to be so very grateful for my health.

My mind isn’t quite thinking, which is a nice break.

Always more lessons…always more learning.



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