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Creatives deserve to win at life. 

Mindset and life coaching for creative people who care about their well-being.

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Meet Kelsey
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I'm Kelsey.

I’m a nomadic entrepreneur and writer who flip-flops from city to city, connecting with creatives and running my full-time coaching business.

Through mindset work, personal routines, and tangible action steps, I help creatives, dreamers, and visionaries reach their personal and professional goals, however big or small. 

I'm here to help you get CLEAR on your goals, confidently make decisions, and EXECUTE a game plan that focuses on your well-being without sacrificing efficiency toward your dreams.


Sound like bs? Well, I've learned through my journey that the key to living an authentic life, where we reach our goals with greater ease, where we GET to have calm and confidence,  requires a solid life structure and a strong mind.


You're likely here because you're ready for answers that incorporate you not changing who you are, but being who you are (with smarter systems) as you walk your path to whatever authentic living means to you.

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"There aren't many creators like Kelsey who have the same level of authenticity and practice what they preach like she does. It's so nice to have someone in my inbox and on my social media feeds that reminds me not to be swept up in all the seemingly perfect success stories online" 

Ben Berry, Branding Expert/Entrepreneur

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"I love receiving these so much. They feel like a soft blanket wrapped over me and always remind me how beautiful and life giving the mundane is"


"These letters help clear my head of the chaos, self-reflect, and appreciate how far I've come"



I know how hard it is...

While I was building a successful career as a personal stylist and marketing specialist for 10 years in New York, I was also (accidentally) starting a business through my blog, Kelsey's Day Off, where I shared my mental health journey as an artist trying to "make it" in the most highly competitive creative city.

Since 2018, I’ve consulted with multi-million dollar companies to educate them on the power of mindfulness in the workplace, I’ve led mindset and marketing workshops throughout North America, and I’ve held numerous online containers to support my own research around how authentic, balanced, and impactful living is interwoven with the state of our overall well-being.

I began coaching because I had trouble finding a coach that taught both realistic organizational life skills and practical mindset tools that were accessible no matter how much money or status we have.

For 5 years, I built my business by relying on my resourcefulness, my discipline, and my ability to forge my path in New York. Since beginning my nomadic journey 2.5 years ago, my intuitive, creative side, and consistently bettering my mindset has helped me create and run a successful online business that I love.


The method I've developed incorporates an essential balance of mindset and life structure to help us sustainably and steadily support ourselves as creatives, free spirits, and people who are here to make a difference.

What stops us from reaching our goals:


We don't know what we even WANT because we haven't taken the time to know ourselves - which stops us from pursuing our goals.


We spend too much time being worried about what everyone else thinks, and too little time working on our confidence, communication skills, and decision-making.


We struggle to take action and therefore, repeat the cycle of procrastination, lack of focus, and lack of structure, leaving us with zero motivation to reach our goals.


It's not you.
It's your formula.

Amplify your success by creating a clear, confident, and actionable plan that incorporates all of who you are.

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Self-actualize the reality you see for yourself, personally and professionally...

with sustainable long-term planning that honors the wholeness of who you are.

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What they're saying:

"I went from making no income through my creative projects to consistent gigs in my zone of genius in 4 months. Kelsey has helped me discover how I can truly build a business by integrating who I am in the process, and executing with more ease and confidence, without excessive burnout or exhaustion."

— Amanda, Creative Entrepreneur

"Kelsey has developed systems/techniques/strategies that are intellectual and different from what other coaches are teaching. Her intentional, practical approach is really needed. Kelsey showed me the value of being different and using my strengths to reach my goals, instead of ignoring who I am and what I truly desire in my life."

— Leora, Singer/Songwriter

"Kelsey is a natural-born teacher, whose passion for helping others shine lights her way as a leader. Kelsey supported me through a major career transition process, providing the scaffolding for me to navigate inner vision work while simultaneously helping me to develop practical action steps. She is deeply dedicated to the power of mindset to help navigate the challenges unique to creative entrepreneurs"

— Dr. Gwenyth Jackaway, PHD, Digital Wellness Entrepreneur

"Every time I have a call with Kelsey, she starts by asking, "How can I support you today" Her human-based approach and tangible, action-based guidance has given me confidence in my decision-making, and has made adjusting to a new city exciting and empowering!"

— Sophie, College Student/Creative


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