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The magnetic mindset you need to amplify your impact in creative business!

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About Kelsey 

Kelsey Tetzlaff is a full-time entrepreneur, mindset coach, and writer supporting 5 and 6-figure CEOs, solopreneurs, and creative artists. 

Her mission is to help creative CEOs not only amplify their business revenue but ELEVATE their impact through mindset work that overcomes the "stuff" that gets in the way of their personal and professional success, such as burnout, imposter syndrome, and self-doubt.

While she was building a successful career as a personal stylist and marketing specialist for 10 years in New York, Kelsey was also starting a business via her blog, Kelsey's Day Off, where she shared her mental health journey as an artist trying to make it big in the heart of the most highly competitive creative industries.


She's consulted with multi-million dollar companies to educate them on the power of mindfulness and collaboration in the workplace, spoken and led mindfulness, mindset, and marketing classes throughout North America, and has held numerous online containers to support her own research around how success is largely interwoven with the state of our overall well-being as leaders.


Kelsey has coached CEOs within a variety of creative industries to support them with refining their business ecosystems, developing beneficial marketing strategies, and attracting the "right" clients through transforming their limitations around self-worth, hustle culture, and imposter syndrome in business.

Her method incorporates a basis of mindset work to help CEOs create:

  • Smarter workflows that lead to higher revenue 

  • More customer retention 

  • Higher conversion rate 

Kelsey now supports creatives through one-on-one personalized mindset coaching and group mindset intensives to help them fast-track to their most aligned visions for their business and their personal lives.

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These are not "quick wins", as transformation takes TIME, practice, and COMMITMENT to ourselves. Rather, grab a cup of coffee and settle into a personal essay on a variety of mindset topics that 99% of the people I've worked with come up against at some point in their journey. 


Don't worry - no matter the stage of your business, you will benefit! Don't have a business? You'll STILL get the benefits! This is a space for the dreamers, impact-makers, and business owners who need support in dealing with things like:

  • The fear of being seen

  • Overcoming self-doubt and overthinking

  • The importance of slowing down 

  • Setting boundaries with family/friends 

  • Dealing with comparison on social media

  • The power of mindfulness to reach your goals

And no, I won't blow up your inbox unless you OPT-IN to it.

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The Method


You are done spending energy on overthinking and self-doubt and you're ready to commit that energy to your goals and well-being.


You recognize that the hustle mindset actually just continues a cycle of burnout that is not helping you move the needle towards your dreams. Life is allowed to feel BETTER.


You know that asking for what you want and need is key to your business and personal success.


Zoom out and amplify your business success through authentic selling that is aligned with the core of your values. You can get there by being yourself - you just have to get out of your own way.


Pace yourself towards your dreams. The juice is in the journey, not the destination.


Realize that everything we put out there comes back around. You're not crazy for wanting to build from the heart - OWN this!

Keep it simple,
And keep going.

As creatives, WE FEEL EVERYTHING. We're constantly bombarded with ways to elevate our businesses through strategies, funnels, and salesy, over-the-top marketing strategies that don't address the depth of our challenges. 

We're burnt out by Tuesday because we believe that success requires us to work harder, when really what we need is a clearer plan and more practical self-care.


We spend so much time overthinking business decisions when, if we really were clear on our vision, would take 5 seconds for us to choose (and we would have more time for the yummy creation we're truly here for).

We're thinking too much about what others will think of us if we pivot our brand, as opposed to showing up and OWNING our growth and evolution. 

We don't feel like our selling is authentic because we're focusing too much on our competitors rather than shining in our unique brand voice.

When we flip the narrative, everything changes. 

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Client Love

"Kelsey is a constant, refreshing force in this sometimes heavy world. Her ability to curate a space with intention, compassion, and acceptance is unmatched compared to any other space I've been a part of."