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What mindset has to do with it

Often times there is a reason underneath the procrastination, the imposter syndrome, and the overwhelm, that has to do with our deeper subconscious fears.

Cue an endless loop of self-deprecating conversations with yourself…

Wondering if you’re “doing it right”…

Starting and stopping projects out of sheer overwhelm…

Most of the time it’s a mindset thing.


Creative people - we loveeee being in our flow

But then we want to create a business out of it (hello, the dream right?)☑

Then we get lost because structure is needed to actually sustain us…

Financially, especially, let’s be real.

We much prefer to be at home by ourselves with our plants and just “trust the flow”, but that’s not necessarily realistic.

So yes, mindset is everything.

It’s 95% of what I work on in my business…

From intention setting, to setting goals that are BELIEVABLE to me, to implementing very traditional marketing and sales strategies and just continuing to put my own spin on them.

It’s a dance. Being a leader ain’t easy.

But you’re totally cut out for it - because here’s the thing, with commitment, you’re golden. 💛

With accountability, you’re invincible.

With a plan, you have clarity to make moves from.

So, what’s it going to be: doing the same thing and expecting some magical result to come out of thin air?

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Keep going,


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