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Create Your Own Morning Routine
3-Week Challenge

Leave with a customized recipe for your perfect morning routine!

Everyone shares THEIR morning routine, but nobody encourages you to find your own.

I'm just as sick as you are of every coach selling an impossible morning routine. One hour meditation? WHO has time for that? Even with my spacious and free lifestyle, I don't!

You don't need to be spoon-fed a boring, long, and intense regimen - you don't have time for that! You're BUSY, creative, love taking care of yourself, and yet you are ready to PLAY and experiment with just how good life can feel.


We all know morning routines are POWERFUL...but they SHOULD get to be fun!

...And different seasons call for different ways of self-nurturing -- so they  SHOULD change!

What you need is an opportunity to create a REALISTIC morning routine with SUPPORT that honors your lifestyle, preferences, and needs!

You need:

  • NEW, fresh ideas!

  • Touch points throughout the week for ACCOUNTABILITY & CONSISTENCY!

  • The DISCIPLINE to get control of your day before it gets away from you

  • TIME to MAKE PROGRESS on  your personal/creatives goals

  • Tips for ADAPTING your morning routine for when life is busy! 

This is it, love. 

3-Week Challenge

May 1 - May 18, 2023

  • Nine 30-minute morning group calls (3 per week) to start your day off energized, focused, and inspired!

  • 10+ practices, routines, and rituals to experiment with!

  • A personalized Morning Routine Blueprint template to rate and discover your perfect routine as we go!

  • WhatsApp Support Group for accountability and sharing wins!

  • Group Google Drive Folder with all call recordings and your fillable blueprint

  • Connect with a like-minded community

  • CHALLENGE yourself to commit to your growth!

  • Receive bonus routines & productivity hacks!


You'll walk away with...

  • A customized Morning Routine Blueprint that YOU build with MY GUIDANCE by the end of our 18 days together!

  • A personalized RECIPE for starting your days with ENERGY, confidence, and focus!

  • Less anxiety, overwhelm, and confusion + MORE clarity, consistency, and efficiency!

  • CONTROL over your time and more adaptability!

  • Create TIME for yourself, your priorities, and your personal/creative goals!

You're curious about HOW I create space for both STRUCTURE and FREEDOM in my life...and you want to find that sweet spot for yourself!

_MG_1951-01 copy.JPEG

The one thing that's gotten me through living in New York for 10 years, while working multiple jobs at a time and building my business...


That's gotten me into 3-years of being nomadic and finding my authentic flow with travel, business growth, and life management...


That's allowed me to still care for my body, befriend my mind, and connect to my spirit...


The number one aspect of my life that has always existed is having a SOLID morning routine. And it changes depending on where I am and what I'm growing through. 

And now, with my arsenal of creative, practical routines, I'm going to lead you to yours so you can reap the benefits of having an INSPIRED structure throughout your days, as well as tons of ideas to play with the next time YOU decide to change it up! 

You see me living my life, traveling the world, running a business and having an amazing social life, and you want that too!

...well, if you're up for experimentation, and developing discipline, consistency, and adaptability in your've come to the right place! 


Create Your Own Morning Routine
3-Week Challenge

Leave with a customized recipe for your perfect morning routine!

This is for you if...

  • You're a busy person who cares about your well-being and personal growth!

  • You know morning routines are powerful catalysts for discipline, focus, and less stress, but you're sick of people giving you a one-size fits all formula

  • You NEED discipline, consistency, and tips to adapt your routine for when life gets busy!

  • You NEED accountability, but you don't have a ton of time

  • You have creative pursuits but you're not able to make the progress you WANT because you're too distracted with everything else you're managing!

  • You're curious about what could happen if you PLAY and experiment with different morning routines!

Kels (66).JPEG

This is not for you if...

  • You're not willing to get out of your comfort zone and SHOW UP for yourself for literally 3 weeks

  • You're not willing to try something playful, fun, and new!

  • You are convinced morning routines have to be LONG, and boring, or ONLY strict meditation and yoga practices

  • You don't care about your well-being and personal growth


Value: $397

Your Price: $97

Or $1,744 MXN

Latin American clients who do not make a US salary receive a discount to account for currency differences. DM me @kelseytetzlaff on Instragram.

Create Your Own Morning Routine
3-Week Challenge

May 1 - May 18th 

Leave with a customized recipe for your perfect morning routine!

Live Call Info

7:00-7:30 AM Mexico City Time

6:00-6:30 AM Los Angeles (PST) 

8:00-8:30 AM Minnesota (CST)

9:00-9:30 AM New York (EST)


Monday, May 1

Wednesday, May 3

Friday, May 5


Monday, May 8

Wednesday, May 10

Friday, May 12


Monday, May 15

Wednesday, May 17

*Thursday, May 18 (Kelsey is traveling May 19)


What To Expect

Calls begin with a brief guided meditation and include goal setting, intention setting, Kelsey providing you 1-3 routines per week to try, + opportunities for reflections and community shares!

WHATSAPP GROUP: Used for questions, accountability check-ins, sharing wins, link sharing, and logistics.


MORNING ROUTINE BLUEPRINT: Personal template with brief prompts and a simple rating system so you can keep up with your routines! Find it in our shared Google Drive Folder, download, and fill it out as we go! 


ZOOM CALLS: all in the same meeting room (you will receive the link upon registration). Yes, all calls are recorded!

Common Questions

Do I need to have a morning routine already to join?

Not at all! This is a 3-week challenge that is based on EXPERIMENTATION, PLAY, and introducing you to tons of easy, realistic routines, so that you leave having created one (or a few) that work for your lifestyle! By the end of our time together, you'll have a refreshed and practical morning routine that is personalized to your needs and EXCITES you!

I have so much trouble waking up early! What if I can't make it live?

Arguably, our days start at night (and you'll be given bonus night routines too!). This is a 3-week commitment for you to explore the benefits of decreased stress, and increased focus and discipline through SHOWING UP for yourself! It's only 30 minutes per day.


Challenge yourself if you are curious about what happens when we commit to our growth.

*And, if you can't make it, all calls are recorded so you can visit them at any time!

What if I already have a morning routine?

Ever thought about the power of changing it up? Different seasons call for different ways of self-nurturing. When we get "bored" or sick of a routine, the seasons change, or we're entering a new chapter of life, it's an excellent time to introduce new routines!


Create Your Own Morning Routine
3-Week Challenge

Your Price: $97

Or $1,744 MXN


"Kelsey supported me through a major career transition process, providing the scaffolding for me to navigate inner vision work while simultaneously helping me to develop practical routines to help me reach my goals

-Dr. Gwenyth Jackaway, PHD

Digital Wellness Entrepreneur/Speaker

"Kelsey creates a unique type of high-value content throughout her entire online footprint and inside her coaching business. A perfect balance that speaks to the humanity that’s often lacking in advice for entrepreneurs or soloists; she embodies a profoundly unique perspective that inspires me to design my life holistically, from personal growth to business acumen and the beautiful (sometimes messy) symbiosis between the two."

- Ben Berry

Branding Expert, Entrepreneur

"Every time I have a call with Kelsey, she starts by asking, "How can I support you today" Her human-based approach and tangible, action-based guidance has given me confidence in my decision-making, and has made adjusting to a new city exciting and empowering!"

- Sophie H.

College Student, Creative

Meet Kelsey

I’m a nomadic entrepreneur and writer who flip-flops from city to city, connecting with creatives and running my full-time coaching business.

Through mindset and life coaching, I teach creatives how to hone their OWN version of life balance by implementing practical systems and developing a clear plan for reaching their personal and creative goals.

I'm here to help you get CLEAR on your goals, confidently take the lead of your life, and EXECUTE a game plan that focuses on your well-being without sacrificing freedom and productivity.


You're likely here because you're ready for answers that incorporate you not changing who you are, but being who you are (with smarter systems) as you walk your path to success, fulfillment, and life balance.

I've consulted with multi-million dollar companies to educate them on the power of mindfulness and collaboration in the workplace, spoken and led mindfulness, mindset, and marketing classes throughout North America, and have held numerous online coaching containers to support my own research around how success is largely interwoven with the state of our overall well-being as creatives, dreamers, and impact makers.

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