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Create Your Daily Routines
30-Day Challenge

Leave with a customized recipe book of easy morning, noon, and night routines!

Here's what you need to think about if you feel like you never have time for yourself...

The average young adult spends 5 hours (300 minutes) on social media per day. 


And yet we are all wondering…

WHY does life feel so hard to manage?

WHY don’t I feel centered, grounded, or confident?

WHAT is the balance between enjoying life, managing my responsibilities, making progress toward my goals, AND feeling connected to myself?


It’s a lot. I get it. 


Most coaches, yogis, or wellness “gurus” suggest long, boring, and airy-fairy routines that are un-relatable and impractical. 

It gets to be way more simple. We can CREATE time for ourselves through simply noticing where we currently place our time, and choosing to put it somewhere more valuable


It’s time to put a little faith in yourself, step up to the plate of what you know will benefit you, and discover, with my guidance, an authentic daily structure for your life that lets you have it all. 

Because small, realistic routines get us farther, faster.

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As a nomad and an entrepreneur, the circumstances around me change constantly. 


Flashback to years ago, when I was living in New York, hustling a 9-5 AND having multiple side gigs, the vision was to eventually land here. 


Even with 80-hour work weeks, I found that the simplest ways to connect with myself, while making small progress towards the goal of traveling and living a freedom-based lifestyle, was to implement short routines that I actually ENJOYED - that were not JUST meditation and yoga.


To this day, I still don’t have time for 1-2 hour morning routines. Hello, I own a business with an employee of 1!


And yet, most days, I’m not stressed, I feel in control of my time, and I make at least SOME time to connect with myself. 


Routines are allowed to adapt and change depending on the season of our lives. 

They are not reserved for hustle-hungry people. 

Routines can be woven into all parts of our days, and they can be under 5 minutes long. 


Having a RECIPE BOOK of daily routines that I can pull from, ALLOWS myself and my clients to manage our busy lives with ease.


This challenge is here to help you create your OWN customized Daily Routine Recipe Book, learn the skills to stick with them, and feel more confident and stress-free no matter WHAT is happening in your life. 

30-Day Challenge

October 10th - November 10th, 2023

  • Three 30-minute live group calls per week

  • One personal 45-minute call with me to solidify your routines and create a plan for the future!

  • Ten or more 5-minute routines to add to your Daily Routines Recipe Book that we create together!

  • Twice weekly guided meditations to help you start your day!

  • WhatsApp Support Group for accountability!

  • Access to all live call recordings 

  • BONUS 1:1 touchpoint call with me when you sign up by October 1!


The Result:

  • A customized Daily Routine Recipe Book of less than 5-minute morning, noon, and night routines!

  • Implement an easy daily structure into your life that works with your unique pace and natural energy levels!

  • Boost your self-confidence and deepen your relationship with yourself

  • Tackle your days with more discipline, productivity, and efficiency…without burnout

  • Set yourself apart from your peers by getting on top of your goals for the rest of 2023, instead of putting them off!

Everyone has the capacity to figure out a structured, grounded framework for their lives.

that works with their unique schedule, energy levels, and is in alignment with their bigger goals. 

Create Your Daily Routines
30-Day Challenge

October 10- November 10

Leave with a customized recipe book of EASY morning, noon, and night routines!

What people are saying:

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“I put so much pressure on myself to have consistent practices and routines, but really my breakthrough was in realizing that I can have routines that don’t have to be strict or daily or at the same time every day. So I’ve released that pressure from myself by knowing I have different things to choose from with the routines and the recipe book we’ve created. I don’t have to be held to such an impossible expectation, which makes life feel so much easier to manage.”


“Round two was way better than round 1. This new structure of this challenge has allowed me to stick to it without overwhelming me with the routines, and the amount of live calls, the way it’s set up so that you never “miss” anything, even if you can’t make the live calls, has been so helpful in shifting my mindset to being hard on myself to softening into life.”


This is for you if...

  • You’re ready to take back control of your time 

  • You’re sick of long, strict routines that aren’t realistic or practical!

  • You want more time for yourself and to feel more mentally calm on a daily basis

  • You know developing discipline and focus in your life helps you fast-track to your higher-reaching goals

  • You need accountability to get you started!

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Carnalita (76).JPEG

This is not for you if...

  • You're not willing to get out of your comfort zone

  • You're convinced that you need a rigid, boring routine to boost your productivity, focus, and confidence (you don't)

  • You believe that you have no say in how your time gets to be used

  • You are convinced routines can't be woven into your schedule, no matter how busy you are

  • You want a one-size fits all solution to managing your life (this challenge helps you discover routines that naturally work best for you, not just everyone else)

Create Your Daily Routines
30-Day Challenge

Value: $697

Your Price: $165

$2,774 MXN


“I have a really long track record of not completing things and NOT getting to the finish line with my commitments, so for this challenge, even if it doesn’t look ideal and I didn’t do it perfectly, finishing it showed me my capabilities in showing up and committing to myself on a larger scale. It taught me to forgive myself for not being perfect and to keep going. Thank you!”


For me, writing things down has made a huge difference to me. I used to be such a list writer and use my calendar and phone lists, but getting back to the practice of actually writing things down and organizing my life in a simple way has helped me tremendously to stay organized and on top of my life, without constant overwhelm of a laundry list of to-dos.



If you're thinking...

I don't feel like I have time for this!

The fact that you ARE so busy is a sign that you probably NEED a bit more structure to help you manage your time!

Think about it this way, the challenge takes approximately 90 minutes of your time per WEEK with 15 minutes of your day for routines. 

The average young adult spends 300 minutes PER DAY on social media, that's 1,500 minutes PER WEEK! Wouldn't it be nice to take less than 200 minutes per WEEK to focus on yourself instead? 

I don't know if I can afford this!

How many streaming services are you currently paying for?

How many times per week do you order food?

How much money are you spending on subscriptions that you rarely use?

The average young person subscribes to 3 streaming services per month ($30) and orders takeout once per week ($140 per month).


If you're tight on money, look at what you're currently paying for that you don't need, or are willing to part with for just one month.


This is a temporary commitment that helps you learn lifetime organizational skills, boosts your confidence, and prioritizes your relationship with yourself. How worth it is that to you? 

What if I can't make it to the live calls?

Calls happen 3x per week - Monday mornings, Tuesday evenings, and Friday afternoons (all recorded) to accommodate everyone's busy schedules!

Making it to ONE call per week will still give you all of the benefits, as this challenge is designed with your busy lifestyle in mind!


Come to what you can and you won't miss anything major, as there will be social media and WhatsApp updates weekly to keep you caught up. So whatever media forms work best for you, you'll stay connected and on track with us no matter what you miss! 

Group Call Info

*All timezones are listed in Eastern Standard Time (US)


Every Monday Morning

10:30 - 11 AM (New York)


Every Tuesday Evening

7:30 - 8:00 PM (New York)




Every Friday Afternoon

1:30 - 2:00 PM (New York)

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What To Expect

Calls begin with a brief guided meditation and include goal setting, intention setting, Kelsey providing you 3 (less than five minute) routines per week to try, + personal growth exercises and group reflections!

WHATSAPP GROUP: Used for accountability check-ins


DAILY ROUTINES RECIPE BOOK: Personal workbook that you CREATE with me to keep up with your routines! 


Found on my Instagram on Tuesdays and Thursdays!


ZOOM CALLS: all in the same meeting room (you will receive the link upon registration). Yes, all calls are recorded!


Create Your Daily Routines
30-Day Challenge

Your Price: $165

Or $2,774 MXN

Meet Kelsey

I’m a nomadic entrepreneur and writer who flip-flops from city to city, connecting with creatives and running my full-time coaching business.

Through mindset and life coaching, I teach creatives how to hone their OWN version of life balance by implementing practical systems and developing a clear plan for reaching their personal and professional goals.

I'm here to help you get CLEAR on your goals, confidently take the lead of your life, and EXECUTE a game plan that focuses on your well-being without sacrificing freedom and productivity.


You're likely here because you're ready for answers that incorporate you not changing who you are, but being who you are (with smarter systems) as you walk your path to success, fulfillment, and life balance.

I've consulted with multi-million dollar companies to educate them on the power of mindfulness and collaboration in the workplace, spoken and led mindfulness, mindset, and marketing classes throughout North America, and have held numerous online coaching containers to support my own research around how success is largely interwoven with the state of our overall well-being as creatives, dreamers, and impact makers.

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