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You Create Your Reality

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

All the Universe is a reflection. New York is the most intense mirror I’ve ever known.

New York is fast-paced and can be quite unforgiving. The job market here is absurdly competitive, everything is expensive, getting an apartment is challenging, there’s not much nature, the air is unclean, the streets are filled with trash, and the transportation system can be really frustrating to deal with…the list goes on.

If I’m in a "bad" mood, operating from a low vibrational space, I’ll happen to miss my train, my coffee will spill on my dress, I’ll feel foggy mentally, my emotions will be all over the place. Everything will go wrong. It becomes an experiential vortex of negativity. Anyone else been here?

When I’m in a high vibrational state, feeling grateful and open to what the day has in store for me, magical things happen.

I’ll be walking down the street in Soho and see little chalk hearts drawn on the sidewalk.

I’ll catch a smile from a stranger.

My train will be right on time and so will I.

What we put out into the Universe, reflects back to us in our experiences. Our thoughts create our reality.

A few days ago I was enjoying a coffee in Soho on my break at work. There are perfect ledges that the sun hits beautifully during the afternoon hours. A sweet stranger by the name of Chandy approached me asking if she could take a few photos of me. I was decked out in my "fashion girl" clothes from work. I said yes. We exchanged some kind words afterwards and I grabbed her information. She said she felt called to come over because I had an energy about me. Not only was this a lovely interaction, but it could be a great resource for future photo shoots or other content creation together.

I know some people may not be comfortable approaching and talking to strangers, but human connection is immensely valuable to me.

One of my gifts is my ability to connect with others. So when I am in a high vibrational state, this is often what I receive in return.

We are always creating our reality.

Manifestation is not some otherworldly concept - We manifest every day. Literally what we think about creates our reality.

For instance, when I started wanting a dog I kept noticing every dog I would pass. There seemed to be way more of them because that is what my thoughts were heavily focussed on.

Some people want to have babies, and suddenly they see babies everywhere.

Whatever you focus your attention on, you will notice in your surroundings. I believe that in addition, wherever your gifts lie, an equal resonance will be reflected back to you depending on how tuned in you are with your mind, body, heart, and spirit.

We are what we eat - and we are what we think.

When my reality is not so lovely, usually it is because of something within me, or it is some sort of energy that I’ve picked up from someone else.

How do I move through this?

I pay myself a visit every single day, whether it be in meditation, a few deep, intentional breaths, or through dancing. If something is “off”, I acknowledge it even if I don’t know what it is or where it comes from. Sometimes dancing it out works, sometimes making some tea and doing Tarot helps. Writing in my journal is usually key for me.

If I am too in my head, I go for a walk or read to clear my head. Usually I find out later what may have been triggering me based on the patterns I’ve seen in my life.

I practice patience with myself daily.

I express gratitude daily.

Why do I do this?

I have come to understand my own energy through sitting with myself, being honest, and reminding myself everything is a cycle. It's a practice.

If you do nothing but eat crap food and consume pointless media, you will omit that lower vibrational energy - which will then be reflected back at you in your life.

If you hate your job, it will trickle into every aspect of your life.

If you hate yourself, you will be given more reasons to not see the light that is already within you.

We are often blinded by our own thoughts, emotions, and inner workings.

Taking a step back to ask ourselves where our attention lies is immensely helpful, and I would argue, absolutely necessary, no matter what kind of day we’re having.

Give yourself time to visit your inner sanctuary every single day - no matter how dark it may be. Ask yourself, what am I manifesting? What do I want to manifest?

How do I want my reality to FEEL?

All of life is a reflection, and we get to choose how we see ourselves and this world.

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