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What are you waiting for?

Take responsibility for your life.

Personal growth isn’t just about what we START doing, but it’s also about what we STOP doing.

Something I’ve been progressing with in my own personal journey is to stop waiting.

I’ve stopped waiting for the invitation.

…to create

…to take action

…to publish my work

…to say yes/no to something or someone

Of course I say this knowing that there is always a balance of discernment involved, but I’ve shaken off the debris of “waiting” that is obviously attached to my own fears or limitations (specifically with my creative work).

...Though I’ve stopped waiting on people, too.

Relationships with people are meant to ebb and flow. Sometimes we outgrow people, or need space from them.

This is perfectly normal. Relational agreements ought be adjusted over time. We were never taught this as kids, which is why boundaries and taking space for US can feel like - pardon my French - sh*tting a brick.

I don’t wait on people to make plans anymore.

I don’t wait on men to show up for me.

I don’t wait on anyone to change - even when I can often see their trauma or wounds. That’s their path.

We are responsible for our own lives. Others are responsible for their’s.

So my question to you is…

Where are you passively “waiting” on in your life?

Stop. Discern. Honor YOU first, always.

If you feel my writing is beneficial, considering purchasing my first ebook “10 Self-Love Letters” available HERE.

Thank you and so much love :)

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