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Trust Your Fire


December 2020

TRUST and FIRE were my words this year.


Every year I choose two or three words to embody my intentions. These two didn’t seem related when I choose them, but every year that I do this I discover new pathways of innerstanding and understanding beyond what I can fully grasp at the time.

This often unfolds throughout the year, and creates a nice container to hold me no matter what comes my way.

I danced with fire for the first time in Guatemala and got burned.

Fire to me is symbolic of the heart-aligned yes that rings so true to the spirit, that the mind doesn’t mind the risk.

Fire is the strength and the courage it’s taken to show up in my work until I’m bare bones and burnt out.

Fire is the letting go of the old and the embrace of the bold new.

Fire still has much to teach me, and I am so grateful for him and the lessons that await me.

Trust YOUR fire is what has come to pass.

Trust your fire will burn away anything that is no longer needed.

Trust your boundaries and your fierceness.

Trust your that you are different from others, and that is a gift.

Trust your processes (and OWN them).

Trust that life will occasionally burn you, but it is inevitable that you rise from the ashes even stronger.

I’m marinating in the words I’ve chosen for 2021.

Excited to share them with you all.


Want to take on 2021 with a bang?

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