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Life is a dance

...of growing out of and back into ourselves.

Let me re-introduce myself.


I'm a romantic spirit with a love for words and people.

My dream evening is dancing to delicious music adorned in my favorite robe and fabulous earrings.

My journal is right next of me most of the time, and I fill out about 200 pages every month.

My favorite ritual is going to buy another leather-bound book of pages just waiting to be given meaning, even if it’s just for me.

Often at night my go-to snack is popcorn with garlic salt, and if I’m lucky, nutritional yeast sprinkled on top.

I eat intuitively and meat smells like death to me - so I refuse to eat it.

I pray often but I do not pray to anyone or anything specifically. I do not worship a thing, yet everything I touch is sacred.

As I travel, one of my rules is to treat every space like a temple. I buy myself white roses every time I change spaces. My home is inside of me, and the roses help with that.

It brings me joy to watch people trust themselves and do the things they never thought they were capable of, because in the purest part of my heart I’ve been there too. I’ve taken many leaps in my life, always trusting my own discernment first.

One of my rules of thumb is to lead with integrity. I really don’t give other people the time of day if I sense dishonest energy.

Years ago I started learning how to set boundaries and apparently I’m really good at it. It’s liberating to be our own compass. It’s exciting to help others learn how to stay strong in their wants and needs.

I am humbled by the family I’ve come from and lately I’ve been able to rise above the issues I have with certain members, instead choosing acceptance and devotion to my Self. Healing doesn’t just solve everything. Sometimes it’s just recognizing where we are at and saying hey, you’re doing a fine job and I love you.

I’ve let go of relationships in my past that have long defined me. This doesn’t mean I drop the good. This doesn’t mean everyone is forgiven. I’m a work in progress.

I have no problem letting people go if I know in my heart they do not serve me, and we do not serve each other.

Resources of time, energy, space, and money ought to be respected by ourselves and one another. I wonder what the world would look like if we all shared this perspective.

Life, I’ve learned, is just about choices. All we have to do everyday is choose. Sometimes, in the past, I’ve played with the possibilities and just chosen something to see what would happen.

I really believe that no dream is unrealistic. If we can imagine it, it exists.

If I had to choose one place that gives me the most peace, it would be anywhere near the ocean. Water is made of metaphors.

Life is made of metaphors. There is meaning behind every insignificant thing. Not all require our full attention and analytical mind.

There is wisdom is in feeling, in the knowing, in the soaring. I believe the wisdom within each of us is simply in Being.


We are always evolving and expanding. As we grow into the next version of ME, it's important to take time to ask...

Who am I now?

What do I love?

Here's to embracing it all Here's to hope and dreams. Here's to choices that make them a reality.


Sending all my love. Xx

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