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Dealing with personal "failure"

I'm going to be honest with you...

In a saturated market of life coaches and high vibe living, I want to share a bit about the shadow side of "living your truth" - especially if that Truth exists outside of the box. You can put hours upon hours into something and have it just not work out. You can be "aligned" externally and internally and something gets in your way.

It’s not personal. You can do everything "right". And yet, you will face obstacles. So, in the interest of honesty and authenticity, I'd like to share some of my failures. Because walking your own path requires resilience. When you see an obstacle, it's about how you show up at the table - again, and again, and again.


Let me tell you a few things that didn’t work out for me this year…

I had not even one sign up for my workshop that was scheduled for this week. Checked all of the boxes and created the space. Nothing.

I planned and scheduled 4 workshops this summer and none of them happened. I didn’t even begin selling them, I just realized they weren’t right.

I had a 1:1 client who scheduled a program earlier this year and then bowed out of it. Again, it wasn’t aligned.

I could write a novel about the countless battles I have DAILY as an entrepreneur trying to make a living “outside of the box”...

...the amount of times people scoff at me for being naïve for pursing this ...the amount of times people “suggest” I just get a corporate job and give up ...or (this is my biggest pet peeve) the amount of times people give me unsolicited business advice without ever having a clue what it’s like to actually own and run a business.


The amount of times we fall down and get up as creatives, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and artists is literally infinite. I'm not here for your pity or apologies. I'm sharing this to share, honestly, what the price of "freedom" is.

I'm here for resilience. I'm here to move with grace.

And oddly...from my "failures", have come some of my brightest and biggest wins of this year. For instance, this writing that shares with you everything I'd hope to give you in my authentic marketing workshop.

Years ago something like this would’ve really knocked me down.

But instead, I spent last evening back at the drawing board with a dear friend - brainstorming, and figuring out where to go next. Shuffling the next 6 months of plans, rethinking my direction, and playing with ideas.

In this brainstorming session I discovered 8 different ideas that INSPIRE me beyond belief AND allow me to utilize my resources in the best of ways.

And I’m willing to try each one of them because I refuse to not offer things to you that I know genuinely provide you with value, inspiration, or a mindset shift that will rock your world.


This was actually what was meant to be given…

And everything that was meant for me has arrived simply through viewing this as an incredible opportunity to move forward….

…and to shift to where I’m inspired to go NOW, at this point in my journey.

You are not a failure if something along your journey doesn’t work out - no matter how aligned it feels at the time - trust the lessons and the timing of your life.

The more we authentically share what we’re growing through, the more honest of a world we create.

I adore you.




I'm shifting to put more of my writing on my blog here, and my Medium account - and LESS on social media.

So if you're interested in following along in my journey - subscribe to my weekly love letter, follow me here, or on Medium.

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