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Colombia Part 2 - Santa Elena

I’ve just arrived in Santa Elena, which is the countryside of Medellin, located in the mountains. I am currently taking a big exhale.

Cartagena was so much fun, but way too much of a hustle, way too touristy, and there were lots of drugs and prostitution.

Reflecting a bit now, it’s sad the amount of systemic oppression, racism, homophobia, and tourist traps exist there. There is a huge wealth gap between the touristy areas and the actual neighborhoods of Cartagena. I stayed mostly in smaller local neighborhoods, which was beautiful but also slightly scary and very challenging.

Though I will say, this type of traveling led me to creating local connections, which come in handy big time in travel situations like…needing a ride, needing to charge your phone, wanting to get into cool clubs for free…etc.

Yes, I partied a bit too and I have never seen anything like it (but more on this another time).

I met so many amazing people, travelled with a Peruvian friend I met in Medellin a few weeks ago (which was an adventure in itself) and learned a lot about what it’s like to truly be a nomadic being.

The experience itself pushed me so far out of my comfort zone, required quick thinking, constant awareness of my surroundings, and low expectations.

For instance, no hot water in any hotels, banks have long lines, good food was hard to find, and I was constantly bartering with locals to not get charged tourist prices (which was a skill I learned from my Peruvian travel amigo).

I was going to head to one of the islands off the coast of Cartagena but ultimately got too burnt out and felt more called to head back to Medellin, where the vibes are a bit more chill, the food is better, and the people are warmer.

Last night I managed to make my way in the dark to my hostel which is nestled in the mountains. I would have neverrrrr tried this had I not been to Medellin before, and I wouldn’t recommend it, but I’ve picked up a lot of street savvy skills here that made me feel confident enough to do it.

I cannot wait to put together a guide for you if you feel called to this lifestyle, as I recover from my Cartagena adventures I am feeling so inspired.

I am learning so much about how to truly travel nomadically, and do so ethically. It’s like I’m living out my bohemian dreams.

I’ve fallen a bit behind on my work, but I realize that also, my work is in the here and now. It’s in experiencing this life and sharing with you so as to inspire you to take ownership of your dreams, goals, and truly go for it.

These things take time, remember, change doesn’t happen over night.

I hope you are settling into the energies of 2022 smoothly. Remember, you are NOT the chaos. You are NOT the outside world. Your inner world can be clean, smooth, shiny, and inspired despite what is happening around you.

I have a few spaces left for Envision Your Year 2022 goal setting sessions. These will only take place through the rest of January. They are 90 minute calls where we work with each other 1:1 to help you create a sustainable plan for 2022 to reach your goals, and not feel burnt out in the process.

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Everything you dream you can truly do.

Sending magical vibes and lots of love!


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