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Remembering Sovereignty

January 7, 2021

I did something powerful on New Years Eve during a burn ceremony I created for myself.


I decided to let go of the judgement I have been holding onto and directing towards other people.

It is so easy to get swept into the labyrinth of anger.

One week before New Years I decided to heavily limit the amount of news I was ingesting. I was finding that it was getting stuck in my body, and making my world look grey and hopeless.

So, no news (temporarily), except for headlines and the trust that if something major happens, I’ll know about it. Then, I can choose how much energy I direct towards it, embracing my own autonomy and honoring my freedom of choice.

When I burned 3 pages of the things I’m releasing in 2020, judgement and hatred was one of them. I no longer need it.

I spent a lot of time in 2020 criticizing the system, criticizing people, all the while feeling like I was constantly in defense mode. Fight or flight. I felt like I was beginning to lose my light and it was harming my mental health.

I asked myself what it would feel like to see in color again. To see the issues, to feel the pain and suffering, to feel the fear, and yet to honor it in my own authentic way.


What would it feel like to process my pain without the additional bombardment of other people’s views, beliefs, opinions, and memes?

Letting the flames consume that heaviness lightened my load enormously.

It reminded me that actually, I am empowered. We all are. It’s just that we have been conditioned through a system that does not have the people’s best interest in mind, and we are SO programmed to believe that we actually have no power.

The more we addictively read the news and engage in the drama, we invite that density to have access to us. It impacts our nervous systems, our brains, and our wellbeing as a whole.

It is not natural to be constantly bombarded by crisis.

I spent a lot of time last year trying to revolutionize the wellness industry, and the world at large. It drained me. I stopped holding my monthly meditation circles. I became no good to anyone.

We hope that our voices will be heard and something will shift, but one person cannot change the world. I think we all try that with every Instagram post and protest we’ve gone to.


I’ve come to the understanding now that the old solutions will not fix repeating problems. We’ve tried for centuries.

So, what is the solution? Well, I think it requires a newer, more innovative approach that is not rooted in anger.

The solution is here, I believe, we just cannot see it or hear it over our yelling and screaming and outrage.

I believe the solution is one that goes beyond and is, in fact, rooted in love. The solution is rooted in softness and in the silence of our hearts. It is rooted in healing and feeling. And it’s going to take time.

In that silence, we remember our humanity, and the humanity of all beings. No one on this planet is all bad, and it is not our job to wake up others who are not ready to wake up yet.

Not everyone in this world is evil. Not all Trump supporters are evil.

Hating someone affects us more than it affects “them”. As much as we wish for others to feel pain who are causing us pain, it actually does nothing.


Wish them healing.

Look outside your window, and observe how nature is still thriving. Nature sees everything, and yet she continues to grow. She heals herself when she gets harmed, and she does so quietly.

It is easier to love than it is to hate in the long run. And it is much better for our wellbeing to honor our emotions, remember our power, and harness it with compassion.

I’m telling you, it feels so good to love. It feels so good to be rooted in my power. It feels so good to be in my process and to honor my emotions in my own way, on my own time.

I choose to no longer entertain shaming myself or being shamed by others for my process. I choose to direct my energy to places of healing for the benefit of myself and our world at large.


What comes with letting go of the judgement, criticism, and hatred is SPACE.

What happens in this space?

We are taking care of our bodies so they are strong and healthy.

We are taking care of our minds so we can really think.

We are taking care of our hearts so we can really feel, and step into how we can help.

We have the energy to be awake, to be active, and to help because we cultivate a larger, more expansive view of the world.

We all play a role, and this role is much more effective when we are aligned with our Truth, our power, and our sovereignty.

We cannot control what happens outside of us, but we can be discerning in how we rise to the challenge.

I’m choosing to take care of my body and move gently as I process what’s happening in our world.

May you honor you.

Thank you.


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