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Soul-Led Marketing

Trust me, I get it. Your business is your baby.

You've worked hard to be where you are, in fact, your business may be booming...

But you're scared sh*tless when it comes to self-branding and taking that next leap of expansion in your marketing strategy.

The thing is, a marketing consultant you hire off Fiver may give you good tips, but the investment falls flat once you realize you need more than just marketing support. 


You still want a hand in your business. You want it to feel good.

You don't want to do what every other brand in your industry does.

You want someone there to bounce creative ideas off of, to do the marketing and self-branding that you don't have the patience for, and you want it to feel organic, easy, and completely in alignment. 

You need someone to come in and understand not only what it's like to have a business but to expand it in alignment with who you really are and what you really want. 

This means not only having marketing and creative support, but a whole new PHILOSOPHY that turns your brand from "doing well" to THRIVING.

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You're not just a business, you're a human.

My expertise lies in creating and implementing marketing strategies for you that not only work from a business perspective, but also feel good in the root of who you are as a person.


After 5 years of building my own brand as a full-time nomad and life coach, this is one thing I always have to remember. Yes, my business is my baby. And also, I'm a human with needs, insecurities, fears, dreams, and visions. 

So let's bring the human-ing back into your business.

You can have it all - solid marketing support, and organic expansion, while feeling clear and confident about where you're going.


However, you do need consistency online...

You do need to optimize your social media platforms...

You do need to have a strategy...

You do need an authentic brand voice...

You want to continue growing...

You want to invest in something that will come back three-fold...

You want it to feel good as you go...

Bridging mindset with marketing support to help your small biz thrive

I graduated with a BA in Communications and Media Studies from Fordham University and have 7+ years of social media marketing experience including live event coverage, marketing strategy, social media posting, blogging, and multi-platform brand optimization.

I've worked with the top brands in the fashion and wellness industries including Free People, Edie Parker, Inscape Meditation, and The Assemblage.

I'm an entrepreneur - so I can relate to the mentality, the difficulties, the fear of expansion and letting your baby go out into the world, change, and shift.

I'm a life coach who's had my business for 5 years, as well as a certified energy worker and meditation guide. Yes, these come with your marketing package upon request ;)

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Smaller, mission-driven businesses succeed when someone on the other end truly understands what they're going through, and can take the weight off their shoulders through implementing strategies that WORK.

Honest Consultation

Come back to your purpose and discuss your business goals and visions from that place. Anything is possible.

Easy Decision Making

With support that GETS it, move through business growing pains by making confident decisions that honor your goals, visions, and preferences.

Play with Possibilities

Play with possibilities of what your brand could look like, and what your business could feel like with a strategic, aligned approach.

organic growth

Grow your audience, client book, and sales through implementing social media strategies that not only work, but feel good to you as CEO.





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Imagine feeling really excited about your business's expansion, not afraid of it.

Imagine feeling confident in your decisions, as opposed to hesitant.

Imagine having your social media marketing taken care of FOR you, but being able to input all of your ideas at the same time.


Imagine feeling taken care of when you hit an insecurity or a creative block. 


I’m right there next to you. 


And there is nothing sweeter to me than helping people with passion thrive. 


You are not just a business. You’re a person who created something with your blood, sweat, and tears. 


Your humanity deserves the stage too. And when it shines through your branding, truly, magic happens.