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Surviving To THRIVING

Artist Masterclass

Turn your passion into profit!

Here's what you'll walk away with...

  • The fool-proof 3-Step Process to get you from part-time artist to full-time, creative entrepreneur!

  • A weekly structure that will lead you to more SUCCESS, and less wasted resources of time, energy, and money

  • How to stand in your value with confidence

  • Less procrastination, more self-motivation

  • A foundational mindset for consistent growth and expansion in your craft and your income both on and offline

  • Special BONUSES if you watch until the end!

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The Deets

*Live sessions have ended.

Replay provided when you sign up below!

I'm going to walk you through the 3 TANGIBLE steps you need to go from a surviving artist to a creative with a THRIVING full-time career!

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Kelsey always reminds me of what my body and soul already know, but needed to remember.


Kelsey’s authentic support and tangible, action-based guidance has brought me so much success in my everyday life.


The impact of Kelsey's words has helped me make better decisions, look at all possible scenarios, and not feel overwhelmed.

This is for you if...

You're hustling so hard between your part-time jobs, freelance gigs, and trying to juggle your passion project at the same time


What keeps you up at night is all of the creative ideas and possibilities of what it would be like to do what you love FULL-TIME...


One second you feel like you're going full-force with your artistic, mission-led passion, and the next, you're blocked, stuck, and hide away from the world 


You are a big fan of self-care and want to make a positive impact in the world through your passions, artistic expression, and/or mission!

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Enough of the excuses...

Enough of feeling like you never have time or resources to invest in your art.


Enough of the procrastination. Enough undervaluing yourself.

You're ready to be noticed online for what you do CONSISTENTLY, as opposed to hiding and seeking with your audience, while you're wondering if you're worthy of their attention.

Your fear of failure is outdated, and you want a road map to help you navigate the overwhelm, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome with confidence.

You are SO DONE with the starving artist narrative because you KNOW there must be another way.

This 3-Step Method is going to give you a literal roadmap on how to get to full-time living as a creative entrepreneur and THRIVE in the process!



Artist Masterclass

Meet Kelsey

Kelsey Tetzlaff is a full-time entrepreneur, mindset coach, and artist supporting creative people who dream of making a positive impact on the world and living solely off of their art full-time.

Her mission is to give artists and visionaries methods that WORK to help them go from part-time passion projects to full-blown creative entrepreneurs. 

While she was building a successful career as a personal stylist and marketing specialist for 10 years in New York, Kelsey was also accidentally starting a business. 


Through her blog "Kelsey's Day Off", her corporate and studio meditation classes, and her myriad of odd jobs to support her along the way, she learned that this path is totally possible for other visionaries who ALSO want to do things like travel, feel connected to their mind and body, and do what they LOVE in the process.

Her formula is one that includes strategy, as well as mind/body/spirit connection to help artists push past the imposter syndrome and overwhelm to build a lifestyle of ease, abundance, success, and fulfillment. 


During her travels throughout the USA and Latin America, Kelsey developed a fool-proof methodology to help other creative, passionate humans go from part-time hustling to full-time enjoyable, successful lifestyles as artists.

Kelsey now supports creatives through 1:1 coaching and group containers to help them develop a confident, strategic mindset and a foundational structure to fast-track to their highest goals.

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