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Create Your Own Morning Practice
3-Week Challenge

Create the perfect morning practice that is authentic to YOU, inspires you, and WORKS!

3-Week Challenge

May 1 - May 18, 2023

  • 9 30-minute morning group calls (recorded) 

  • Personalized morning routine blueprint to fill out as we go!

  • WhatsApp Support Group for accountability

  • Group Google Drive Folder with all call recordings and your personalized, fillable blueprint

  • Bonus night routines!

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Are you truly satisfied with...

Being confused about the direction of your business and putting off the LONG-TERM plan you know you need?

Feeling like you have to follow the crowd to "get" to the destination you say you want, wondering why everyone else gets to be successful except for you?

Working SO hard only to not see results reciprocated and feeling burnout, lacking support and accountability?


YOU are the most essential part of the foundational formula.


Save TIME with grounded, focused business direction, knowing the exact steps to reach your goals and long-term visions.



Confidence and self-acceptance put you at the top of your niche market as an authentic creative leader.

Work smarter, have higher productivity, and create results faster without burnout.

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Payment Options

One-time Payment (full access!)

For 6 weeks (try it, and drop out at any time!)

Get the full course!

Pay as you go!

*Pay as you go option allows you to start the program at $150 per lecture (6 total). If you find benefit, keep going! If not, drop out at any time.

Need a different payment plan?
Reach out to me on Insta (@kelseytetzlaff) and we can figure out the best solution for you!

Here's what you'll walk away with...

  • A customized Morning Routine Blueprint that YOU build with MY GUIDANCE by the end of our 18 days together!

  • A personal RECIPE for managing your LIFE on a daily basis, while feeling in control of your time

  • Less anxiety, overwhelm, and confusion around how to balance your life and progress in your creative projects and personal goals! 

  • TIME for yourself and your priorities!

This is for you if:

  • You need CLARITY around the direction of your business

  • You want an ACTION PLAN that is practical, yet works WITH who you are, not against it!

  • You want to feel CONFIDENT about what you're doing every day, why you're doing it, and where you're going

  • You want LONG-TERM tools and structures for a strong business foundation, so things stay steady even as your biz evolves!

  • You need ACCOUNTABILITY so you stay on track to your goals

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You've been programmed to believe it's not possible...

When I started my own business, I could barely admit that I was starting a business at all (it was a blog - read more about my journey here). 


I felt like there was NO support out there for me as a creative... 

because all of the coaches I’d seen were either too hustle-oriented (which led me to burnout, anxiety, and panic attacks) or too “woo-woo” and unrealistic as a middle-class artist working several jobs in New York City. 


Over 5 years I developed a method to incorporate realistic and practical systems to move me towards my goals daily, to prove the starving artist narrative wrong. Because I believe, creatives are the future leaders of our world.


It’s my personal mission to demonstrate that we CAN both have success and take care of ourselves at the same time.

The very thing that sets us apart is the VERY thing that fuels our success. During this course, I teach you how to OWN that strategically.

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Kelsey has been a huge support in helping me uncover what my goals are as a multi-faceted creative artist and exactly what direction to take action on first when building my business. I went from making no income through my creative projects, to consistent gigs in my zone of genius in 4 months. She helped me discover how I can truly build a business through integrating who I am in the process, and executing with more ease and confidence, without excessive burnout or exhaustion.


Creative Business Owner

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Kelsey supported me through a major career transition process, providing the scaffolding for me to navigate inner vision work while simultaneously helping me to develop practical action steps. Deeply dedicated to the power of mindset to help navigate the challenges unique to creative entrepreneurs, Kelsey teaches through presence. 

She is a shining example of someone who has created her path by walking it with authenticity and courage. 


Digital Wellness Educator

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You're ready to feel clear & confident.

You want practical tools and solutions to help you get clear about their direction and help them execute realistic action plans - as well as recognize that your well-being and authenticity deserve a seat at the table. 


I’ve learned with both myself and my clients, that if we’re truly invested in our long-term success, we have to accept ourselves, develop confidence and strength, and self-actualize our goals with a strategic, grounded plan that makes sense for who we are as unique creative individuals, emerging as the next paradigm of leaders.

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