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Mindset Mastery Academy

Master your mind, scale your income, and amplify your impact in 2023!

January 9 - February 13th, 2023

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You know what's holding you back from launching that next big thing...

  • Feeling unworthy of success

  • Overthinking and anxiety

  • Feeling like you NEVER have time for new projects that ACTUALLY excite you

  • Daily mental "battles" where you doubt yourself

  • Overwhelm that seeps into every aspect of your work life...

Aren't you sick of it? 

But listen, I get it, having the COURAGE to step into scaling your business isn't easy. 

I've been there, wondering why no matter how much business strategy I tried to learn, my business was kept at a plateau.

Even with all of the evidence that shows you you are INSANELY talented at what you do, and all of the clients you serve, all of the people in your community rooting for you...

Your mind still comes back to the not-good-enoughness, the overthinking, the energy spent on caring about what other people think of you...

2023 is the year you...

SCALE your business so you can have more freedom with your time and money...


LAUNCH that next big business endeavor - be it a podcast, a book, a new service


ATTRACT those high-caliber clients and collaborators that you were BORN to work with...



You want to stop spending so much time maintaining things and instead, take your business and your impact to the next level!


You're ready to improve your relationship with yourself because you KNOW that when you're body and mind aren't cared for, THINGS STOP WORKING.

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Mindset Mastery Academy 

Master your mind, scale your income, and amplify your impact in 2023!

January 9 - February 13th, 2023

It's time for you to shine.

6-Week Mindset Intensive

6-week mindset business intensive that helps you implement the 3-part Magnetic Framework so you can CLAIM the impact, freedom, and INCOME Future You is ready for.

Practical and Simple

Full Accountability

We'll break down your major mindset blocks and help you get that next product or service LAUNCHED by the end of our 6 weeks together, while giving you mindset tools for LIFE that keep you moving forward. 

At the end of the Mindset Mastery Academy, you will have LAUNCHED that project you've been putting off for years. So there’s no room for procrastination, and we won’t let you hold yourself back.

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January 9th - February 13th

At the end of our 6-weeks, you will have either launched (or be about to launch) that next big project for 2023.

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Where strategy meets mindset...

Utilize the 3-PART MAGNETIC FRAMEWORK to achieve ONE big business goal you want to achieve by the end of our 6-week intensive.

Yes, you heard me right. 

If you make 3 - 5 K per month, you'll leave ready to claim that 6 - 9 K per month with your new product, service, or project...all within the first 6 weeks of 2023!

Imagine what you set yourself up for next year by the time its spring...

Because it is really that simple.

You believe in yourself and we keep you accountable.

You leave having reached one BIG GOAL (and increasing your income), and you have the exact mental framework to set you up for future success.

It's a no-brainer.

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What's Included:

  • 6-week mindset business intensive!

  • Six 75-minute group zoom calls (recorded)

  • One 90-minute call one-on-one with me!

  • Magnetic Framework resource library and accountability worksheets

  • Community WhatsApp group for in-between session support

Calls & Lesson Plan

Monday, January 9: Introduction to the Magnetic Framework 

Learn the 3-step process to dismantle your biggest blind spots, fears, and self-sabotaging patterns


Monday, January 16: Self-Care to the Top!

Incorporate REST into your schedule and see exactly how you'll reach your goal at the end of our 6-weeks together while enjoying the freedom you’ve worked so hard to create!


Monday, January 23: Empowered Mindset

Implement practical mindset practices to STAY in your power when facing comparison, imposter syndrome, and unworthiness in your business!


Monday, January 30: High Caliber Lifestyle

Refine your standards and simplify your business strategy to STEP IN to your role as the CEO who attracts high-caliber clientele


Monday, February 6: Energetics of Ease

Energetic tools to create from exhale while learning how to scale with ease!

Monday, February 13: Mastery Academy Cabaret

Share your launch plan or project with the group! And LEAVE HAVING ACHIEVED YOUR GOAL!

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Sign up by December 27th to receive an additional 45-minute 1:1 mindset coaching call with me!

($499 Value)

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Your Investment

This is an INVESTMENT, not a product you'll buy and use once. You'll have lifetime access to recordings and worksheets.

Value of the course: $1,799

$497 (one-time payment)

*This is a beta course and will only be offered at this price for this first cohort!

CART CLOSES Wednesday, January 4 

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If you're thinking: I can find all of this information online elsewhere...


My love, this is just an excuse because mindset work is SCARY!


We’re looking at the deepest parts of our subconscious mind that tell us we’re not good enough, but imagine what could happen if you actually brought honest awareness to those parts of you in your business and had a simple framework to help you work on them for the future?


This container will hold you ACCOUNTABLE to complete your first big project launched and into the world within the first 6 weeks of the year. 

You could invest in more strategy, but you'll still keep running into the same mental battles. Without a strong mindset, you are building your business on quicksand.

Let 2023 be the year you finally step into who you're meant to be. This is a surefire way to get on track to your goals in 2023!

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Magnetic Mindset Academy

Learn the discipline, mindset, and strategy to get you out of your own way and scale with EASE in in the first 6 weeks of 2023!

You can do nothing and stay exactly where you are, or you can start this year with a bang.

It's up to you. 

90% of New Years Resolutions fail after the first month. Be in the 10% of people who end 2023 and SEE that they reached their goals.

You're ready to step into this. This path was meant for you.

Now it's time to show up for yourself and commit to achieving only ONE of these goals in the first 6 weeks of the year.

You can do this! 

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Once Kelsey helped me find the excitement behind my business, I was able to feel confident in my work again, and do the dang rebrand! All of the worries I had around it were just stories. Clients are coming to me with ease because I am feeling confident in my brand as a business owner."

— Jennifer, Life Coach

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"I have always been TERRIFIED of structure because I had the belief that it squashed my creativity, but now I see that it is a necessary part of scaling my business"

— Gwenyth, Digital Wellness Educator

"I 100% wouldn't be able to scale my business if it weren't for Kelsey helping me incorporate different forms of self-care that go beyond what you hear every other coach talk about. It's so much about the energy I was putting into the world, boundaries, confident decision making... not just working longer hours that drained me".

 Kayla, Performer/Blogger

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"Kelsey helped me figure out a good balance in my schedule so that I don't feel overwhelmed. Working from a calmer space has led to a 50% increase in my clientele and income."

— Jesse, Content Creator

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Who this is for:

  • You are a full-time Creative CEO with at least 2K income per month

  • You know the strategies and you have your business structure down...

  • You are kept up at night by the possibilities of what it would look like to SCALE your business and amplify your impact!

  • You love taking care of yourself but you never feel like you have time to show up for yourself or show up for new business projects…so everything keeps getting put off!

  • You feel like you’re on the hamster wheel most of the time just trying to maintain the business you have, but it’s not fulfilling the deepest parts of you that KNOWS you’re meant for MORE!

You're ready to STOP procrastinating on new projects in your business for 2023!

Who this is not for:

  • You do not have any strategy behind your business right now (you'll still get benefits here and learn)

  • You're fine staying exactly at the level of income you're currently at

  • You want quick wins and aren't invested in your impact

  • You ONLY want a money mindset course! (Money is a part of mindset work, but it's only a SMALL portion of what you'll be learning!)

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Mindset Mastery Academy

Master your mindset,

Scale your income,

and AMPLIFY your income in 2023!

January 9th, 2022 - February 13th, 2023

Program Value: $1,799


Your Investment:​ $497

*Click the link below to grab your spot!


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Why this Mindset Intensive...

The secret to scaling is not bombarding your mind with more strategy…


Want to grow your business? It’s so easy to find coaching programs that claim to teach you how to do that…


But EVERY SINGLE ONE s all about strategy, templates, speed, and money…


Of COURSE, you’re at a plateau! Because you’re…


  1. Overwhelmed & overthinking 

  2. Burnt out

  3. Not fully believing in yourself


Our minds cannot think clearly when there is TOO much information we’re trying to process.


So how do you “stop”? You have to trust yourself.


And how do you trust yourself?

You look at where your fears and blind spots are in your head.


But most mindset courses will give you a lot of impractical and ungrounded wisdom that feels impossible to apply to your real life. 


You can’t just magically “manifest” your way out of self-sabotage, anxiety, and overwhelm. 


In my experience, you have to be willing to do the work consistently to actually rewire how your mind perceives your current narrative, and choose a new one.

This intensive will help you apply the 3-Part Magnetic Framework AND give you the accountability and practicality you need to:

  • REACH your FIRST big business goal by the end of the 6-week program

  • Double your income

  • And amplify your impact so you can keep doing what you do best!

Meet your coach!

Kelsey Tetzlaff is a full-time entrepreneur, mindset coach, and writer supporting 5 and 6-figure CEOs, solopreneurs, and creative artists. 

Her mission is to help creative CEOs not only amplify their business revenue but ELEVATE their impact through mindset work that overcomes the "stuff" that gets in the way of their personal and professional success, such as burnout, imposter syndrome, and self-doubt.

Kelsey has coached CEOs within a variety of creative industries to support them with refining their business ecosystems, developing beneficial marketing strategies, and attracting the "right" clients through transforming their limitations around self-worth, hustle culture, and imposter syndrome in business.

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