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3-Part Boundary Masterclass

Boundaries are a necessary pre-requisite to living a mission-led life...

A lot of us are scared of setting boundaries - mainly because we’re afraid of what others will think of us - but setting boundaries:

  • Are necessary for honoring our needs and desires

  • Help us develop independence and self-trust

  • Allow us to understand and STAND in our worth

  • Keeps our relationships healthy and safe

  • Helps us understand our f*ck yes’s and fuck no’s in life


Over time, boundaries help us reach our goals because we know exactly what our expectations and limitations are.

When we have razor-sharp accuracy about what we REALLY desire and need, boundaries help us stop wasting time on things that don't serve us

And less wasted time, energy, and resources...


Means boundaries they become a loving ally to help us work towards our dreams.

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DIY vibes with entire masterclass sent right to your email after you register

BONUSES await you when you complete the class and share with me ONE takeaway!

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Tell me if this is you...

You are ready to level up their life in every area of your life because you're sick of wasting energy on people, situations, or things that you know are holding you back.

The people pleaser needs to take a back row seat because you're ready to have more control over your life.

The overthinking is getting old and you'd rather make crisp, clear decisions that you know bring you towards your goals.

You know that learning how to set boundaries confidently is the key to dealing with icky life situations that take up your time, energy, and money.

You're an implementor who loves self-study because you know that as you build discipline, so many other structures in your life bring you abundance and more ease in the long-run.

In this 3-part masterclass, you will...

Learn how to trust your boundaries

Refine your needs, priorities, values, and desires

Uncover the number 1 myth about boundaries

Learn how to use boundaries to hit your goals faster

Understand how to set boundaries with confidence and ease


Master how to deal with overthinking and make decisions faster


Learn how to communicate boundaries clearly and lovingly to benefit you and everyone involved


How do I want you to feel after you leave this container?  


  • Refreshed, inspired, and excited about the life you know you're worthy of

  • Clearer about your goals, dreams, and desires

  • More confident about how to communicate your needs

  • Leveled up and empowered af

  • Totally trusting of yourself 

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3 pre-recorded videos that are each focused on an aspect of boundaries:


  1. Energetics of boundaries and leveling up your expectations, needs, and goals

  2. The art of boundary setting + dealing with our fears around them

  3. Boundary communication and empowered living (how to actually implement boundaries in a way that doesn’t feel icky, but feels GOOD!)


  • BONUSES included when you register and complete the class by September 8th!